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Cabrini students on campus, next to an Emergency call box

Shelter-in-Place and Lockdown during Emergencies

Shelter-in-place is designed to keep you safe while indoors if dangerous environmental conditions exist, such as extreme weather or a hazardous materials release.

  • An imminent threat of violence may also be cause for a lockdown of all or part of campus.
  • Some exterior doors will lock automatically. Emergency responders will lock others manually.
  • The goal is to limit exposure of students, faculty, and staff to danger by preventing dangerous persons from entering campus buildings.
  • When taking shelter-in-place, members of the Cabrini community should find a place to hide where the cause of the threat is less likely to affect them.

If a shelter-in-place/lockdown is ordered:

  1. If outside, seek shelter in the nearest building, preferably in an interior room with few windows.
  2. Stay inside! Do not leave the building unless an imminently dangerous situation arises inside.
  3. When inside, or if already indoors, use your best judgment to allow access to others seeking shelter. 
    • A Shelter-in-Place order may mean that there are dangerous environmental conditions or that there is a known threat of violent behavior. Allowing others into the building will not necessarily jeopardize your safety.
  4. When allowing others seeking shelter to enter, require that all backpacks and other bags be left at least 30 feet from the building, and require that the person seeking shelter open all outer garments for inspection before entering.
  5. If in a hallway or open area, get into a room and lock/secure the door if possible. 
    Avoid overcrowding by selecting several rooms if necessary.
  6. Close, cover, and move away from exterior and interior windows and any other openings to the outside.
  7. Draw/close blinds and shades, and avoid being seen from outside the room if possible.
  8. Block entry to the hiding place by using heavy items if available to barricade the door (e.g., copier machines, desks).
  9. Remain quiet and silence cell phones.
  10. Report any unusual condition to the Department of Public Safety at 610.902.8111 (or 8111 for campus phones).
  11. Monitor the Cabrini Emergency Notification System and the Cabrini website for further instructions.
  12. Continue to shelter-in-place until instructed to evacuate by an identifiable Police Officer, firefighter, EMS personnel, or member of the Department of Public Safety, or until you receive an “all clear” message from the Cabrini Emergency Notification System or the Cabrini website.

On Oct. 8, 2019, a lockdown drill was conducted on campus.  View 2019 Lockdown Drill Report

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