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Hospitality Properties Policy

  • Berwind Circle Guest House is a residential property owned by Cabrini University located at 183 Berwind Circle, Radnor, PA 19087.
  • Emmaus House is a guest house located on Cabrini property.

The purpose of these residential properties is to provide onsite hospitality lodging for guests of the President’s Office in need of short-term or semi-short–term housing.

General Policy

  1. Cabrini has hospitality properties available to accommodate official University guests, visitors, and/or newly hired personnel. Cabrini departments or organizations may request use of the properties by submitting a request to the Office of the President at least two weeks in advance of the desired reservation date.
  2. The Office of the President will approve the Hospitality House Request Form and then forward it to the Central Scheduling Office. Central Scheduling will provide a copy to Human Resources as appropriate and notify necessary offices, such as Public Safety and Facilities/Housekeeping.

Damages or Losses to Cabrini Property 
The sponsoring University department or organization will be held financially responsible for any damages, losses, or special cleaning to the University property and/or furnishings caused by guests.

Furnishings may not be relocated or removed without permission from the Central Scheduling Office.

Damages or Losses to Personal Property 
Cabrini is not responsible for any damages to personal property. Any personal property left will be turned in to the Public Safety Office.

Hospitality properties are considered part of the Cabrini campus. Therefore, pets are not allowed.

As is the case with any and all campus facilities, service animals are allowed and welcome.

In keeping with campus policy, smoking is not allowed in these properties.

Use of alcohol at gatherings must follow Cabrini guidelines and policies.

Commercial Enterprise 
No guest of Cabrini shall solicit, hawk, or otherwise peddle or rent any goods, wares, merchandise, liquids, or edibles for human consumption or services on Cabrini property, operate any commercial enterprise, or give any lessons, classes, or instruction on Cabrini property whether for profit or otherwise, except those specifically authorized by the University.

Taxability of Housing Benefit and Reporting Requirements 
In accordance with IRS regulations, the value of Cabrini-provided housing may be taxable as a personal benefit for the market value of the provided housing.

  • The Cabrini University Human Resources Department will determine when this provision is a taxable benefit.
  • Guests will be informed of the taxability of their stay when appropriate.

Reservations and Information
Submit a request at least two weeks in advance of the desired date.

When submitted, the form will go to both the President’s office and the Central Scheduling Office. Central Scheduling will place the residence on hold and notify the reserving office if a conflict exists and work to remedy the conflict.

When approved, the President’s staff will email approval to the Central Scheduling Office.

After obtaining the permission of the president’s office, the Central Scheduling Office will confirm the reservation and notify the necessary support offices.

If appropriate, Central Scheduling will provide a copy of the Hospitality House Request Form  to the Human Resources Department for tax compliancy.

An information sheet containing house rules and regulations, emergency information, and tax requirements will be provided to each guest by the Central Scheduling Office.

The sponsoring University office is required to provide an after-hours contact that will be made available to necessary internal offices for information purposes.

Key Issue 
The sponsoring University office may picked up keys from the Central Scheduling Office, or the guest may sign out keys at the Public Safety Office. 

The sponsoring University office is responsible for coordination of an estimated time of arrival and departure with the guest and the scheduling manager.

Key Return
The sponsoring University office is responsible for the return of the keys to either Public Safety or the scheduling manager.

During business hours, the Central Scheduling Office is to be notified when the property is vacated. After normal business hours, Public Safety should be notified when the property is vacated.

Requests for Maintenance and Other Needs

  1. During working hours Monday through Friday, contact the Central Scheduling Office at 610.902.8290 to request maintenance needs or discuss any concerns.
  2. For emergency or non-emergency maintenance requests during evening hours and weekends, call Public Safety at 610.902.8246.

Housekeeping Services 
Housekeeping will be scheduled to clean the house and the linens prior to the guest’s arrival and after departure.

Any further housekeeping services would need to be arranged for by the sponsoring department two weeks prior to the arrival of the guest.

This may be done by contacting the Central Scheduling Office at 610.902.8290.

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