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Mass Emails

The Marketing & Communications Office, in conjunction with the Assistant Director of Advancement Services, works with the campus community to send mass emails to alumni, donors, parents, and friends of Cabrini.

Campus members who wish to send out a mass email to any of these groups should email both the Assistant Director of Content Marketing and the Assistant Director of Advancement Services to ensure accuracy of the list receiving the email(s) and adherence to our brand and editorial style in the email.

Emails should be requested at least two weeks prior to the requested send date.

Email Checklist
When requesting an email communication, remember to include the following information:

  • Audience(s) receiving email
  • Requested date for sending
  • Subject line and email content
  • Contact information (for if email recipients have questions)
  • What email address the email should come from (e.g.alumni@cabrini.edu)
  • Registration information, if an event email
  • Related photos to include in email (optional)

To prevent oversaturating these constituents with mass emails from Cabrini, we’ve implemented a calendar to help schedule emails and a policy about the number of emails that can be sent, depending on email subject.

Learn more about sending:

I. Timing Emails

Recipients should receive no more than one email from any Cabrini source in a week’s time.

In some instances, it is permissible to send a geo-targeted email the same week as another mass email.

To ensure that emails are appropriately spaced out, the Marketing & Communications Office, in conjunction with the Assistant Director of Advancement Services, will track scheduled emails in a shared calendar.

Campus constituents requesting emails to be sent will be consulted about the appropriate timing for emails.

A. Calendar: The Assistant Director of Advancement Services and the Assistant Director of Content Marketing manage a shared Outlook Calendar to schedule, change, and track email communications.

The calendar, Cabrini Email Communications, will be visible to select staff. However, any full-time staff member responsible for communicating to external audiences via mass email can request access to view the calendar.

To request access, email the Assistant Director of Advancement Services and the Assistant Director of Content Marketing.

  • Note: Emails thanking constituents for attending an event or similar communications to smaller groups can be sent at any time.

II. Email Types

A. Newsletters
Two newsletters are sent on a regular basis:

  • Connections is a monthly newsletter sent to alumni every last Wednesday of the month.
  • CabriniLink is sent to parents of all current students at least once each semester.
    Parents of new or incoming students receive this newsletter three times during the summer.

B. Event Emails
Events and their email communication guidelines fall under three tiers.

Tier One
Small- to mid-size events that are open to the Cabrini community, such as Fine Arts events or the Lenten Lecture Series, will be included in the monthly Connections e‑newsletter to alumni and also the CabriniLink enewsletter to parents, which is sent out at least once each semester.

The events will be included in these enewsletters up to two months in advance.

Tier Two
Small- to mid-size events held for a geo-targeted audience, such as for alumni in the Philadelphia area, can be included in the monthly Connections e‑newsletter to alumni and/or CabriniLink enewsletter to parents, sent at least once each semester.

The targeted audience for the event will determine which regular communications are appropriate for inclusion.

The events will be included in these e‑newsletters up to two months in advance. In addition, one geo-targeted email about the event can be sent.

Tier Three
Large-scale institutional events—Homecoming, Visionaries Gala, Cabrini Classic, and Commencement—can be promoted through inclusion in the monthly Connections e‑newsletter to alumni and the CabriniLink e‑newsletter to parents, which is sent at least once each semester.

The events will be included in these e‑newsletters up to two months in advance. When appropriate for the audience, story inclusion in Connections and CabriniLink can be considered.

These events can be promoted through two additional emails per audience; for example, one email that serves as a save-the-date and another email that serves as a formal invitation.

C. Solicitations/Fundraising
Only one email solicitation per quarter per audience should be sent, unless a special exception is made by the Vice Presidents of Institutional Advancement and Marketing & Communications (for example, #GivingTuesday email appeals).

D. Emergency/Unplanned, Important Emails
Emails that are considered emergency and/or unplanned, important announcement emails will be sent to all appropriate audiences regardless of other scheduled emails.

Examples of these emails include information about an imminent threat to the safety of our campus/constituents and important and timely messages from the President’s Office.