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Email Guidelines

Cabrini employees should follow best practices when composing emails to get your message across as clearly and cleanly as possible.

Personalization of emails (including the use of the logo) could:

  • add to an email’s file size and increase the traffic load on email servers
  • display as an attachment in the recipient’s inbox
  • cause limited inbox space to fill up faster
  • increase the risk of spreading viruses and spyware

Backgrounds and Borders
Use only the standard white background.

Avoid using colored backgrounds, pictures, patterns, and decorative motifs, as they detract from a professional impression, add to file size, and can make the email’s message unclear.

Choose a common, easy-to-read font. Uncommon fonts might not translate to the recipient as intended.

  • Suggested fonts for on-screen readability are Calibri, Arial, or Verdana in 10- to 12‑point size.
  • If you use a colored font, make sure it’s dark enough to be easily read against the white background.
  • Use bold or italic type to emphasize words, saving underlined text for links.
  • Don’t use all-caps.

Email signatures should include all identifying information.

As per the Standards of Excellent Customer Service, please end all emails with a “signature card” that includes your:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Cabrini University 
  • Phone Number (610.902.####)
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • www.cabrini.edu

Only include that contact information.

Avoid adding graphics, quotes, decorative signatures, and other extras.

Optional Addition to Electronic Signature 
Staff and faculty members may add the optional Cabrini Fund tagline below their email signature: