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Cabrini students in front of Founder's Hall

Building Names

When referring to Cabrini buildings and offices, please use the following phrasings and pay attention to spelling, capitalization, apostrophes, special characters, articles, and acronyms.

  • Use specific location names instead of generic terms.
  • Use the full name and any acronym on first reference. 
  • Do not use internal system codes or informal abbreviations: AIAD, ADCT, FH, House 3, the gym
  • Use “dining hall” instead of “cafeteria” and “residence hall” instead of “dorm” for Cabrini facilities.

Use a shortened name only after using the full name in first mention. 

  • Antoinette Iadarola Center for Science, Education, and Technology - not SET or SET Building
    “Iadarola Center” is acceptable on second reference.

  • Bruckmann Memorial Chapel of Saint Joseph 
    “The Chapel” is acceptable on second reference.

  • Cavs Corner - not CAVS Corner, Cav Corner, or Cav’s Corners

  • Dixon Center

  • Edith Robb Dixon Athletic Field 
    “Dixon Athletic Field” is acceptable on second reference.

  • Emmaus House

  • Founder’s Hall - (with “apostrophe s”) not Founders Hall or Founders’ Hall

  • Gatehouse

  • Grace Hall

  • Gorevin Gallery in Holy Spirit Library
    The full name of “Grace and Joseph Gorevin Fine Arts Gallery” is not necessary.

  • Hamilton Family Communications Center
    “The Communications Center” or “Com Center” are acceptable on second reference.

  • Holy Spirit Library 
    “The Library” is acceptable on second reference.

  • Mansion

  • Nerney Field House

  • Center for Student Engagement and Leadership (SEaL) - not Student Activities
    “SEaL” is acceptable on second reference.

  • George D. Widener Campus Center - not Widener Building 
    “Widener Center” is acceptable on second reference.

  • Wolfington Center

When referring to individual rooms, use the full name and number rather than a shortened one.

  • Founder’s Hall, Room 315 - not Founder’s 315, Grace 248, Iadarola 201, Xavier 111

Include the specific location and the building for named areas and rooms, as well as for departments and offices.

  • Com Center in Founder’s Hall
  • Accessibility Resource Center in Founder’s Hall
  • The Cabrini Bean in Founder’s Hall
  • Mansion Dining Room 
  • Grace Hall Multipurpose Room
  • Academic Affairs Conference Room in Grace Hall
  • Nerney Field House in the Dixon Center
  • Widener Center Lecture Hall

When referring to the main or unnamed area of a building, it’s not necessary to include specific details.

  • Grace Hall - not Grace Hall Atrium
  • Iadarola Center - not Iadarola Foyer or Iadarola Center Lobby
  • Mansion - not Mansion Foyer

Capitalize terms when referring to Cabrini or its specific facilities, but not general reference.

  • The Campus Store is next to the Bean. Cabrini has a great store and a great café. 

Residence Halls 
Do not use informal house numbers in official communications; use the official name below.

  • Cabrini Apartment Complex
  • Casey House
  • Dixon House
  • East Residence Hall
  • Infante House
  • Lanshe House
  • Maguire House
  • McManus House
  • Sullivan House
  • West Residence Hall
  • Woodcrest Hall
  • Xavier Hall