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Business Databases

Business Source Complete
This is the go-to database for business information including company profiles and SWOT analyses.

A digital library of U.S. economic and financial history. Find data and reports for economics, finance, business, history and economic history, government, public policy, political science, ane the Federal Reserve.>

From the St. Louis Federal Reserve, users can download, graph, and track 750,000 financial and economic data series, including CPI, inflation, labor force, and unemployment.

Global Road Warrior
This database from World Trade Press is dedicated to excellence in giving country information with discussion about 175 countries and 121 topics for each of the countries. It emphasizes a country's culture, history, language, education, and global travel.

HeinOnline Academic
HeinOnline is a law and business database, covering the history of American law and important law cases. This trial also includes Fastcase Premium and focuses on Pennsylvania materials.   

New York Times 
Through Cabrini University's partnership with The New York Times, students, staff and faculty have unlimited access to each day’s global breaking news, at NYTimes.com, on campus or off and from any device. Additional access can be acquired by registering at New York Times in Education.

Nexis Uni
Nexis Uni provides full text to major US and world publications including news wires, tv and radio broadcasts, legal publications, SEC filings, company reports, and blogs from trusted news sources.

Use MarketResearch.com to find demographic and psychographic information for marketing and examples of marketing plans for service or product types.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) Global: The Humanities and Social Sciences Collection
This is the premiere database for full text access to dissertations and theses for humanities, social sciences, education, religion, and business. It is especially useful for our Organization Development and Change Doctorate candidates.

Regional Business News
Regional Business News provides full text access for regional business periodicals published in the United States.

Sage Journals Premier
Sage Journals provides citations and abstracts for articles across a variety of disciplines; many have full text in the field of business.

Statisa is a statistics portal that provides current data on over 80,000 topics from more than 10,000 different sources including agriculture, advertising, health, hospitality, and consumer goods. Ready made tables are available for downloading.

Wall Street Journal
The Eastern edition of the Journal covers U.S. and international business and economic news. Coverage is full text from 1984 to present. See the Wall Street Journal PDF for further details.

Business Reference e-Books

21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook

  • emphasizes key research on the topic and emerging trends
  • considers globalization, new information technologies, as well as ethical and ecological issues
  • addresses security and crisis management issues
  • offers insights into 21st-Century business issues, such as excessive work and outsourcing
  • discusses diversity and includes issues of managing nonprofit arts, medical, sports, and philanthropic organizations in the 21st century.

American Buyers: Demographics of Shopping
Provides the data businesses need to manage expectations (how many will walk through the door?) and set prices (how much do buyers typically spend?). It features a complete picture of the American consumer, including spending habits.

American Incomes: Demographics of Who Has Money
Explores the economic status of Americans and provides the latest data on the wealth of American households. Examines household income trends by age, household type, race and ethnicity, education, region of residence, and work status. Also focuses on the poverty population.

Ancestry in America a Comparative City-byCity Guide to over 200 Ethnic Backgrounds
Provides a detailed look at the ethnic makeup of the United States. Compiled from raw 2000 Census data, this reference book includes all places in America with populations over 10,000. Statistics were drawn from three different sections of the census: Race, Hispanic Origin, and Ancestry.

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management: International Management
Provides definitions and explanations of the key concepts in the fast-changing field of international management. Covers recent developments in globalization, the internet, e-commerce and meta-markets and includes information on new international standards, together with the impact of the European Union and the new geo-political areas of the Russian Federation and China.

Business Plans Handbook 
Actual business plans compiled by, and aimed at, entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses. Presents sample plans taken from businesses in the manufacturing, retail and service industries which serve as examples of how to approach, structure and compose business plans.

Essential Business Finance: A Complete Guide to Starting - Expanding and Selling Your Business 
Examines the steps needed to successfully grow, fund, acquire and sell a business. Topics covered include raising start-up finance and early funding, arranging growth finance (both equity and debt), raising money through public offerings, finding, negotiating, buying and funding acquisitions, and selling the business.

Handbook of Model Job Descriptions - Revised Edition
Provides hundreds of job descriptions, skills and competencies for HR professionals and managers to use and adapt when recruiting.

Handbook of Project Management: A Practical Guide to Effective Policies - Techniques and Processes
Explains the principles of project management, demonstrating the correct approach to a major project, discussing the key points of project management, and highlighting the potential pitfalls.

Knowledge Management Strategies for Business Development
Addresses the relevance of knowledge management strategies for the advancement of organizations worldwide.

Oxford Handbooks Online - Business
A Collection of Business & Management eBooks, covering the main themes of the subjects.

Praeger Handbook of Human Resource Management
HR experts cover the personnel waterfront from hiring right to creating policies to laying the foundation for profitability and fun.

Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy
Includes numerous entries covering topics in international trade, finance, production, and economic development.

RKMA Market Research Reports
A link to the entire list of recent reports for business and marketing in the Research Handbook Series. 

Business Websites

The Annual Reports Service
This site, provided by PrecisionIR in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal, offers free annual reports by participating companies. After searching or browsing for a company, you can request that its annual report be emailed to you or mailed to your address.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Economy at a Glance
This site from the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides statistics relating to unemployment, average earnings, and consumer price index. Information is available at the national, regional, state or metropolitan level and is updated continually.

Business Daily
BusinessDaily, from the World News Network, covers current events in business, largely in the following categories: finance, economy, and oil and energy.

Business Dictionary.com
BusinessDictionary.com provides business definitions for common words and business terms, as well as providing a term of the day. The facebook app also provides the term of the day and a search box.

FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
The official government website of the FDIC, this website covers topics such as deposit insurance, asset sales, and consumer protection.

The Federal Reserve Board: Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions
The Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions, or the Beige Book, is released eight times a year and presents information on current economic conditions provided by each of the 12 regional Federal Reserve banks. Providing both quantitative and qualitative data, the Beige Book provides a fuller picture of the country’s regional economies.

Hospitality Net
Hospitality Net provides the latest news and resources available about the hospitality industry including blogs, event news, staff movements, and more.

IDEAS: Economics and Finance Research
This searchable database includes journal articles, book chapters, open-access books, and working papers or grey literature. Links or instructions for download are provided for materials that are freely available online.

Labordoc is the database of the International Labour Organization and provides full text access to periodicals covering subjects such as human rights, economic development, and technological change as it pertains to work and labor.

MIT Sloane Management Review
Magazine about how the practice of management is transforming in the digital age.

Organization Development Journal
International Society for Organization Development and Change's journal focuses on the premise of people working together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for everyone and to be the leader in helping OD professionals achieve this vision. The journal comes out quarterly.

Organizational Dynamics Journal
A journal that primarily focuses on organizational behavior and development and secondarily, on HRM and strategic management. The journal comes out quarterly.

US Census Bureau
Including data from the Census Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis and other Federal agencies and private organizations, is an authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States.

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