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Standards of Excellent Service

The Standards of Excellent Service are based on Cabrini’s Charter of Core Values.

In carrying out our service to students, families, peers and other constituencies, we adhere to the values of respect, vision, community, and dedication to excellence.


  • Reflect the Core Values in all correspondence.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Use correct language.
  • Cite sources when necessary.
  • Meet college writing and style standards.
  • Respond to electronic and telephone communication from internal and external constituencies before the end of the next business day.
  • Respond to written correspondence within three business days of receipt.
  • Provide periodic updates if response time for written, email, or telephone communication must extend beyond the response timeframe noted above.
  • Use emails for simple, direct communication.
  • Use telephone or in-person communication for sensitive or confidential matters.
  • Identify sender in interoffice mail.
  • Make every effort to have a “live” person answer telephone calls during normal hours of operation.
  • Update all voicemail messages to reflect availability.
    • If you are unavailable to answer the phone, include a referral extension when possible.
    • Use the email notification feature (Out-of-Office Assistant) when out of the office for a day.
  • End all emails with “signature card.”
    • Sender’s Name
      Sender’s Title
      Sender’s Department 
      Cabrini University
      Sender’s Office Phone Number (610.902.####)
      Sender’s Office Fax Number
      Sender’s Cabrini Email Address
      Cabrini Website Address (cabrini.edu)

Any changes to the “signature card” must be approved by the Communications department.

Website Standards

  • Monitor departmental content on the Cabrini website and any external website for and accuracy on weekly basis.
  • Initiate change requests within 24 hours of review.
  • Designate an employee within the department responsible for website changes.

Meeting Standards

  • Start and end meetings on time.
  • Use professional courtesy in the use of electronic devices.

Personal Appearance Standards

  • Wear identifying name badge at University public functions.
  • Professionally appropriate attire required.