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Face Mask Requirements

Everyone on campus is required to wear a mask or face covering that covers their mouth and nose in all classrooms, public shared spaces on campus, and in areas where physical distancing cannot be observed.

Acceptable Masks and Face Coverings

Acceptable Face Masks

Masks must be of a nonporous fabric, such as cotton, and without large holes or gaps in the fibers.

Knit masks and N95 masks with exhalation valves do not provide adequate filtration. We are awaiting further data on the efficacy of neck gaiters and bandanas.

It is recommended that you keep a sufficient supply of clean masks/coverings. Additional masks will be available on campus and for purchase in Cabrini‚Äôs Campus Store and at cabrinishop.com.

Face MasksHow to Put on Your Mask

  • Avoid touching the front of the face covering/ disposable mask while putting it on.
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before handling the mask/covering.
  • Make sure the mask fits snugly over your nose and under your chin.
  • Tie straps behind the head and neck or loop around the ears.

How to Take Your Mask Off

  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth when removing your mask/covering.
  • Loop your finger into the strap and pull the strap away from the ear, or untie the straps.
  • Wash your hands immediately after removing.

Taking Care of Your Mask

  • Cloth face coverings must be laundered daily to remain effective, and can be washed with your regular laundry.
  • Keep your mask/covering stored in a paper bag when not in use.
  • Cloth face masks should be replaced immediately if soiled, damaged (e.g., ripped, punctured), or visibly contaminated.
  • Best Practice: Maintain seven disposable masks and seven paper bags labeled with the days of the week. Wear the Monday mask on Monday, wash it, and then store it in the Monday bag until the following week, etc.

When You Can Take Your Mask Off

  • When you are alone or with your roommate in a confined room such as your residence hall room (all persons, including those living there, should wear a mask when any visitor is present)
  • When you are alone in your personal vehicle
  • When you are actively eating or drinking (masks should be worn when you are getting your food/drinks and as soon as you have finished eating)

If a health issue prevents you from wearing a mask, please contact Health Services (healthservices@cabrini.edu, 610.902.8400) or Human Resources (humanresources@cabrini.edu, 610.902.8760).

Face Mask Wear and Care (PDF)

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