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Peer Mentor Program

Cabrini’s Peer Mentor Program provides first-year students with the opportunity to connect with an upperclass student leader who will serve as a mentor throughout the course of the first semester.

The Peer Mentor Program will ensure that first-year students excel in their academics, personal growth, and interpersonal relationships in conjunction with Cabrini’s core values and mission.

First-year students and their Peer Mentors develop a relationship that provides first-year students with a role model who demonstrates the behaviors and strategies of a successful college student.

Through the Peer Mentor Program, our upperclass student leaders work with faculty to design and implement a section of the college’s one-credit Cabrini Success Seminar for full-time, first-year students.

Peer Mentors will learn from their faculty partner what the specific learning outcomes are for the Cabrini Success Seminar.

As a result of the Peer Mentor Program, Peer Mentors will:

  • acquaint new students with the mission, core values, heritage, traditions, and history of Cabrini 

  • emphasize the importance of involvement on campus and taking responsibility and initiative for one’s own individual growth and development

  • create interactions between first-year students, faculty, and staff across campus departments, allowing students to gain insight and appreciation of campus resources and services available to them

  • support faculty in educating first-year students of relevant college policies (Code of Conduct, Academic Honesty, degree requirements)

  • familiarize students with the core curriculum and the terminology and language used at Cabrini 

  • gain leadership experience through comprehensive selection, training, and evaluation programs, as well as faculty mentoring

Apply to be a Peer Mentor
Upperclass students looking to become leaders and guide first-year students at Cabrini can apply to become Peer Mentors and design a program in conjunction with a faculty member.