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IMPACT Living and Learning Community

Leadership LLC

The Leadership Living and Learning Community, LLC, invites students on a journey of personal discovery to understand the leader/follower relationship and how it can empower people, including the students themselves, to achieve results in a variety of situations.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus.”

The Leadership LLC will prepare students to find their voice to become pro-social leaders by acknowledging their capacity for leadership.

Understanding their capacity for leadership will equip students to understand the importance of community and to bring about positive, sustainable change that may mold the experience for those students who follow.

This interdisciplinary first-year experience will allow students to:

  • Explore leadership, locally and globally, within the Leadership Studies minor via the lens of psychology, business administration, and the engagements with the common good.

  • Connect with the Leader-in-Residence Program that will foster mentorships with executives in the corporate and non-profit sectors.

  • Participate in LEADStrong, a co-curricular leadership program that offers a variety of workshops designed to help reflect on and understand how individual values, society/community values, and group values directly tie to leadership.

  • Work directly with upperclass student leaders in the form of a Peer Mentor and Master Learner in the reflection and discovery of leadership abilities.

Students in the Leadership LLC will travel to downtown Philadelphia and connect with leaders in the area of professional sports, performing arts, music, and culture.

In addition, students will spend time in Philadelphia and Norristown interacting with residents to learn how to display courage in situations that require stepping out of your comfort zone and thinking critically about ethical dilemmas.

Through this journey offered in the Leadership LLC, students will be challenged to develop and define their own “leadership philosophy” and to create a niche on campus, beyond the LLC, that will foster self-realization through relationship-building and campus activities.

Faculty Fellow:

  • Anne Filippone, PhD, Dean, Student Engagement and Leadership

Student Fellow:

  • Elmi Marie, Student Fellow, ENG340 & ECG100

Fall Semester Courses:

  • COL 101 - College Success Seminar 
  • PSY 201 - Metacognition 
  • ENG 340 - Public Speaking

Spring Semester Courses:

  • LEAD 101 - Foundations of Leadership
  • ECG 100 - Engagements with the Common Good: Reacting to the Past