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Deviations Learning Community

Do you ever wonder why people call certain groups or behaviors ‘weird?’ Or why some people try to hide certain behaviors? Or how these informal norms become institutionalized into formal rules like laws and policies?

The Deviations Learning Community invites you to join us in exploring how our society, culture, and group affiliations shape our personal experiences. We call this the “social structure”, and despite having such a powerful impact on our lives, this social structure is often invisible to us. Deviance challenges how the social structure normally operates, and as such, studying deviance allows us to better visualize how the social structure shapes our lives. 

All of the courses in the Deviations LC revolve around exploring this thing called social structure. In our 5 learning community courses (see course titles below), students explore deviant groups in a variety of settings while also developing skills that will support their success at Cabrini University. Learning will extend beyond the classroom with students participating in co-curricular activities such as exploring the societal forces that impact our food choices, attending a peaceful protest to observe collective behavior, an educational tour of the historic Eastern State Penitentiary, and a trip to New York City’s 9/11 Museum.

If you’re interested in deepening your understanding of how society works through the lens of deviant behavior, then the Deviations is the LC for you! You will leave the learning community with a solid foundation in the disciplines of Sociology, Criminology, and Justice, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to impart social justice.

Faculty Director:

Faculty Fellow:

Student Fellow: 

  • Christel Darcelin, Student Fellow, SOC215 & SOC203

Fall Semester Courses:

  • COL 101 – Cabrini Success Seminar
  • SOC 215 – Introduction to Sociology: Race, Class, Gender
  • CRM 210 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

Spring Semester Courses:

  • SOC 203 – Contemporary Social Problems
  • CRM 341 – Crowds, Cults, and Revolutions