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IME-Becas Scholarship Program

Cabrini University’s partnership with the Mexican Government has helped increase scholarship opportunities for our students.

Since May 2018, thanks to the generous support of the Mexican Government and the Consulate of Mexico in Philadelphia, Cabrini University has been able to award more than $34,000 in IME-Becas Scholarship funds to both incoming first-year students and returning students.

The IME-Becas Scholarship Program aims to improve access opportunities for Mexicans or persons of Mexican origin living abroad. One of the ways the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) achieves this mission is by supporting the education of the Mexican population-based in the United States.

As Cabrini University continues this partnership with the Mexican Government, the Financial Aid Office invites students to apply to this opportunity.


Testimonials from IME-Becas Scholarship Recipients:

Anette Trejo–Mor (Class of 2022)

I am sincerely honored to be receiving the IME BECAS Scholarship, this scholarship has not only helped me financially but also personally by acknowledging my uneasy journey and dedication to exploring my heritage. Growing up, balancing between a Hispanic household and spending most of my time in school, where everyone spoke English as well as vividly expressing the American ideals became a challenge on how I view myself to the world around me. My story goes a long way back and although the very first glimpse of myself doesn't look Hispanic, I still remember the feeling of embarrassment whenever my friends jokingly made comments on how silly Mexicans are or even the comments from my family members that expressed how gringa (a person who is white) or Americana  (American) I presented at home. Due to this and many other factors, all created a blockage of sense of belonging within my own culture. It was blindly cruel of me to try to forget where I came from, but it took me up to my years of high school and even still today to recognize and appreciate how lucky I am to be gifted with a culture so beneficial and loving. This scholarship is a reminder of how much I have grown, from not wanting and feeling ashamed of my own heritage to a curious girl who openly expands her knowledge to continually learn the ways of her heritage. My struggles from being in a new environment weren't the only thing that was impacted, my parents were also faced with obstacles. They sacrificed everything to be here and with two first-generation daughters to attend university is something so unreal and new to them but because of this scholarship it helps reduce the stress and hours of work to provide the opportunity of an education for my sister and I. Thanks to the IME BECAS scholarship, I can continue my studies at Cabrini University.  Thank you.  

Banesa Castañeda (Class of 2020)

I am very honored to have been selected as one of the recipients that received the IME BECAS Scholarship. As the first-generation college student in my family, I truly cherish the opportunities that come my way. By granting me this scholarship, it has allowed me to ease the financial burden and has truly helped me to stay focused on the important aspects of my academic and career goals. Receiving this scholarship has supported me in my future endeavors and has motivated me to maintain my academic performance. By providing financial support to my studies, I am able to also focus on my leadership roles on campus such as being the treasurer of the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) and VP of the Cabrini Finance Association (CFA). As I am completing my last semester at Cabrini University with a Major in Business Management and Finance, I consider myself fortunate to have the best support to reach my goal of graduating in December. 

Georgina Ramirez Bamaca (Class of 2022) 

One of my biggest goals is to be able to become a pediatric oncologist, which is a cancer doctor for children. This is currently my second year in college. Being able to receive the IME BECAS Scholarship has helped me come closer to my goal. This boost in financial aid is helping me to achieve a college degree without taking on additional debt, which is especially important because I have many years of education ahead of me to see my dreams come to fruition as a future doctor. I am proud of my culture and heritage, as it has given me the strength to continue. 


2018-2019 Testimonials 

Georgina Ramirez Bamaca (Class of 2022)

I dream of being a pediatric oncologist.  I will study Biology with a Pre-Med track at Cabrini.  I am very interested in genetics.  This scholarship was a surprise to me because I learned about it after my previous financial aid package was presented to me.  So, this boost in financial aid is helping me to achieve a college degree without taking on additional debt, which is especially important because I have many years of education ahead of me to see my dreams come to fruition as a future doctor.

Anette Trejo-Mora (Class of 2022)

Both of my parents are from Mexico and speak Spanish in their home, which has presented its challenges for me as I pursued my education in America.  This scholarship is giving me a good start to my college career and providing me with the confidence that I can do this.  I want to get to know my culture more and strengthen my Spanish skills.  My ultimate dream is to be an elementary school teacher, and I anticipate the students will teach me so much (just as much if not more than what I will teach them!).  As a future teacher, I aim to expand my students’ minds and teach them to accept difference.

Esther Lara (Class of 2022)

I will major in Criminology, although I am open to the possibilities of other majors exciting me once I start classes and experience a liberal arts education.  I am so excited to attend Cabrini and cannot wait to start classes.  This scholarship from the Mexican government means so much to me.  I am really proud to have received the scholarship.  I feel proud because I realize that I worked very hard in high school and that this scholarship is the outcome of that hard work.

Rodolfo Casanova-Hernandez (Class of 2022)

I initially intended on majoring in Criminology, but realized I want to major in English with a concentration in film studies.  I am very interested in writing scripts for screen.  My senior project in high school was creating a film, and I look forward to continuing to focus on writing strong dialogue and participating in Cabrini’s Annual Phil Cook Scriptwriting Contest.  At Cabrini, I want to get good grades and make time to write.  I’ve already been in touch with my roommate, and I look forward to immersing myself in campus life – something I wouldn’t be able to do without this scholarship.  Two weeks ago, I traveled to Mexico to visit family, and it was very important to me emotionally.  This trip reaffirmed the importance of my heritage and why this scholarship means so much to me.

Ana Luise Canchola (Class of 2022)

I want to major in finance and philosophy.  This might sound like an unlikely combination, but I want to be well-rounded.  I am very interested in the humanities but also want to study business to have that background.  My ultimate goal and dream is to attend law school, so I might pursue Cabrini’s partnership with Widener Law.  Without this scholarship, I wouldn’t be able to start my journey towards becoming a lawyer.

Leslie Hernandez (Class of 2022)

I recall the moment that I learned that I had received this scholarship.  I received a phone call while I was in school and couldn’t answer it.  I was thrilled when I listened to the voicemail at the end of the day to find out that I had earned an additional scholarship.  While it is not covering the entire cost of tuition, I am grateful for every scholarship that makes my college education more affordable.  I plan on a dual major of biology and Spanish.  I have aspirations of attending medical school and becoming an ER doctor.  I do not like “routine” and want my daily life to be exciting and ever changing, which is why emergency medicine appeals to me (although I also love kids and pediatrics!).  I am very excited to move into my dorm in a few weeks and get started on my journey at Cabrini, and I am grateful for this scholarship.

George Cortez (Class of 2022)

I completed 25 credits in high school, so I am looking forward to having the capacity to double major in political science and communication at Cabrini.  My ultimate dream is to serve as a political advisor.  I assisted with Hilary Clinton’s campaign in Texas and look forward to a long career being “behind the scenes” in the political arena.  This scholarship is so helpful to my family because my mom is soon going to be unemployed, so our finances are going to be tight. 

Julie Lopez (Class of 2022)

I will major in Psychology but also focus on education.  I am so proud to receive this scholarship.  This scholarship increases my pride for my heritage and culture.  I am so grateful that Cabrini and the Mexican government are honoring my Hispanic heritage in this way.  In some parts of the world people look down upon you for your Mexican heritage, but at Cabrini my Mexican background has felt honored, welcomed, and celebrated.  I love the sense of family and hospitality at Cabrini.  Faculty and staff at Cabrini truly care about minority students and celebrate diversity.  I would not otherwise be able to attend college if it were not for this generous scholarship.

Ahtziry Lopez Santiago (Class of 2019)

My dreams for my future are first of all to become a citizen in the United States, after only ever knowing the states as my home. I hope to be able to help those who are in similar situations that I was and am in now.  I want to help them the way others helped me. I want to be able to say that every struggle, every worry, and every obstacle my family and I went through was worth it all in the end.

At Cabrini, my major is Education, specially working towards the field in ESL Education. As an ESL learner myself, the ESL class helped me tremendously.  I cannot put into words how much it helped me with not just the language, but also with helping me realize that obstacles in our life that shouldn’t stop me from seeking my dreams. I hope to be the teacher who helps students realize this for themselves. I want to give back to the Latino community, and what better place to start than where everything begins - the classroom.

Being considered and selected to receive this scholarship is a blessing.  My family and I are very thankful. My mom always says that any amount of money helps.  The assistance from the Mexican scholarship gives us a bit less to worry about. Because of our status, we aren’t able to receive federal help.  Therefore, we pay for school ourselves. The past three years, I have had to work four to five jobs at a time to earn enough to pay for the school year.  With this scholarship, I won’t have to work as many hours. I cannot put into words how thankful we are to the Mexican Consulate for this.

America Lopez-Santiago (Class of 2021)

My first dream for the future is to become a United States citizen. My second dream for the future is to be able to help students who don’t have the same opportunities as everyone else. My last dream is to have an impact on other people’s lives, even if its small.

My major at Cabrini is communication and a minor is business. Communications will help me with my dream because I will be able to help high school students who are in the position that I was when looking at colleges. I will talk about how they shouldn’t let money determine if they should continue studying. Yes, money is a factor, but if they focus on their studies, like I did, then they would get scholarships to help and maybe even get a full ride to a college. The minor is business will help me start a business where I can create different scholarships for people like me who don’t get help from the government or who don’t have a certain GPA because they’ve been busy helping their family financially. Scholarships would impact students’ lives and make it a little bit easier for them as the IME Becas Scholarship has for me.

This scholarship means that my parents and I don’t have to worry as much about how we’re going to pay for school. It also means that we don’t have to ask my siblings to help pitch in with my tuition anymore, and that they can focus on their own studies. My family and I are very grateful for this scholarship, and we appreciate those behind the organization.

Monzerrath Baeza-Magana (Class of 2021)

I’m a sophomore at Cabrini University, double majoring in Math and Finance. I dream about becoming either an actuary or financial advisor. The majors I selected directly relate to my long-term goals. This summer I am working at State Farm, an opportunity that provides me with experience to further my dream. During my first year at Cabrini, I became a member of Pura Vida and the Black Student Union, two organizations that provide support to students on campus. I also received mentoring through the Next Steps program. I’m very excited because that means I can be a mentor to an incoming student through Next Steps this fall. The IME-Becas scholarship means a great deal to my family and me. An only child until I was ten, my father saved some money for my education but I now have two younger siblings. This allows my family to try and save for their education as well.

Rocio Gonzalez Rojas (Class of 2021)

I’m a sophomore at Cabrini University. My major is political science, and I am thinking about beginning a minor in Latin Studies this fall. My dream is to work as an immigration authority. Being bi-lingual permits me to help immigrants to understand what is going on. In addition to adding a minor, I am looking to join Pura Vida and the Spanish Club this fall. This summer I have been working with a local realtor as a translator for her Hispanic clients. I am a first-generation student. Both my parents work in lower position jobs in landscaping and housekeeping. This scholarship helps to relieve the pressure on them while helping me to achieve a college degree.

Banesa Castenda (Class of 2019)

My dream is to obtain a job in my field of business administration, hopefully in either finance or real estate. Going to Cabrini and majoring in Business Administration has been very helpful. The professors are very helpful and a wonderful resource. The department has lots of opportunities for career help and internships. This summer I am working at Discover Bank, putting my education to work. During the school year, I work at the office of Student Activities and Leadership (SeAL) staffing the front desk and developing my customer service skills. Receiving the scholarship is great help to me and my family. I very excited to hear about receiving the scholarship and knowing that my hard work was being recognized. 

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