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IME-Becas Scholarship Program

Cabrini University’s partnership with the Mexican Government has helped increase scholarship opportunities for our students.

Since May 2018, thanks to the generous support of the Mexican Government and the Consulate of Mexico in Philadelphia, Cabrini University has been able to award more than $54,000 in IME-Becas Scholarship funds to both incoming first-year students and returning students.

The IME-Becas Scholarship Program aims to improve access opportunities for Mexicans or persons of Mexican origin living abroad. One of the ways the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) achieves this mission is by supporting the education of the Mexican population-based in the United States.

As Cabrini University continues this partnership with the Mexican Government, the Financial Aid Office invites students to apply for this opportunity.


Testimonials from 2020-21 IME-Becas Scholarship Recipients:

The IME Becas Scholarship has been a blessing for my family and me. It is an honor to be able to receive this scholarship once more. As a first-generation college student, it can be difficult trying to be active in school while dealing with the financial burdens. This boost in financial aid is helping me to achieve a college degree without taking on additional debt. This award is especially important as I have many years of education ahead of me to see my dreams come to fruition as a future doctor. It has been an honor to be able to receive a scholarship because of my heritage. It is very important to me and has influenced me so much. I am proud of my culture and heritage, as it has given me the strength to continue. I am extremely thankful that I can continue my studies at Cabrini with the help of IME Becas.

Georgina Ramirez (’22)

Words cannot express how thankful I am to be selected as one of the recipients that received the IME Becas Scholarship. Education has always been of utmost importance to my family and me. To be receiving this scholarship has given me the support to further my education and motivation to continue school. With everything going on and added changes into my ‘new’ schedule, it is easy to lose sight of continuing education. Knowing that my hard work is being recognized inspires me to continue my studies. It makes me appreciate how profoundly grateful I am to be given this fantastic opportunity, the opportunity of getting an education. My parents and I are sincerely thankful to be getting this significant help from the Mexican Consulate in minimizing the stress of paying for school. Once again, thank you.

Anette Trejo-Mora (’22)

I am honored to receive the IME BECAS scholarship during the current circumstance in which many people are experiencing rough times, whether that be financially or emotionally. Since I was very young, my dream was to become a doctor, but my main concern was how I would pay for all future schooling. Money has always been in the back of my mind ever since I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. This concern can often distract my focus from my studies as I worry about finances. This scholarship has been a blessing since it will ease my financial burden and allow me to continue my education at Cabrini University. Thank you very much for your kindness.

Leslie Hernandez (’23)

At Cabrini University, I am majoring in Digital Communications. As proud as I am to have been born in Mexico, I have to say that it comes with its challenges. I am pleased to have been chosen to receive the IME Becas Scholarship. Great joy came to me when I was offered this scholarship. It made me very happy to know that people want to help students who share the same nationality.  The IME Becas Scholarship helps me with my school expenses and shows that one should be proud of one’s heritage. Thanks to the IME Becas Scholarship, it will help me graduate and help me become the first in my family to graduate from college.  I thank the Mexican Consulate for this scholarship.  I am thrilled to have been chosen for such an incredible scholarship. I am very proud to be Mexican, and it is a title I hold proudly.

Rodrigo Campos Sanchez (’23)

My name is Sandra Manrique, I am very grateful, and it is an honor to receive IME Becas Scholarship from the Mexican consulate. I am currently studying at Cabrini University with a double major in Political Science and Spanish. I am the first generation in my family to go to college. I am a Mexican immigrant who spends most of my life in Mexico, and I have seven years in the United States. It was challenging for me to learn English, especially since Spanish is my first language. My mom, sister and I, are the only ones in the US. I grew up with a father who was rarely present and a mother who worked hard to provide for my sister and me. This scholarship will help me realize my dreams, but it is also significant financial support for my mother. I want to do my best in college to make my dream come true. If I continue to grow stronger, I can be a source of strength for others. I can achieve my goals through hard work and dedication. Now, I want to do my best in college to realize my dream. By continuing to strengthen me, I can be a source of strength for others. I can reach my goals through hard work and dedication. Now, I want to be a leader who can work for social transformation, social justice, and change. That is why I want to become an Immigration lawyer.  Viva Mexico! Viva la Comunidad! Viva Estados Unidos!

Sandra Irene Manrique (’22)