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O*Net Online- My Next Move

O*Net Careers Interest Profiler - Click here to access My Next Move, a quick and free career interest assessment for students to use to gauge their paths, and explore their options. Schedule an appointment with a career counselor to review your results, or learn more about how to use this tool.

 Take time to prepare a resume by reviewing your achievements, skills, experiences and strengths.

A systematic assessment of what you do well and what you enjoy doing will help you develop a career objective and present your qualifications to an employer.

Learn more about your personality type:

For an interpretation of your personality score, go to www.typelogic.com.

Self-Assessment Questions
To help you to summarize your experience, consider the following questions:

  • What skills have you developed as a result of your experiences?
  • What were your job responsibilities?
  • How did they change or develop over the course of the experience?
  • Did you supervise any people?
  • Did you help other people in any way?
  • Did your experience involve working with co-workers?
  • Did you assume any leadership roles?
  • Did you gather or analyze any information?
  • Were you involved in any planning responsibilities?
  • Did you operate any equipment?
  • Did you produce any written documents and/or written reports?
  • Did you make any decisions or recommendations?
  • How well were you able to meet deadlines and handle pressure?
  • Can you quantify the results of your work?

Identify Your Skills 
A skill is an ability you possess. You demonstrate your skills in the things you have accomplished. Transferrable skills are those that apply to a wide variety of environments and occupations.

The key to a successful job search is being able to explain to a prospective employer what it is you do well.

When writing your resume, keep in mind the skills an employer might look for and highlight the skills that best fit your career objective.

A. Functional: 
Skills that enable you to relate to data, people, and/or things.

  • Communication/Selling
  • Interactive/Counseling
  • Research/Analyzing
  • Managerial/Supervising

B. Self-Management: 
Skills related to managing yourself in relation to others and the work environment.

  • Coping with deadlines
  • Attention to detail
  • Risk-taking
  • Sense of human dignity
  • Loyalty

C. Content Specific: 
Skills that require specific training

  • Computer skills
  • Fluency in a foreign language
  • Proposal writing
  • Account management

Explore Majors

List of Cabrini Programs 

Candid Career

Candid Career offers honest videos on career exploration.  Watch interviews with real professionals who took your major and turned it into your dream job.  Explore videos by major, job, company, or industry.  

Click here to explore Candid Career now! 


What Can I Do With This Major?

Whether you are exploring multiple majors or searching for information about your chosen field, What Can I Do With This Major? will help you connect majors to careers.  

Visit whatcanidowiththismajor.com/major to learn about the following:

  • Typical career fields related to majors 
  • Different areas within career fields
  • Categories of majors and careers
  • Types of employers that hire people with each major
  • Strategies to make you a more marketable candidate
  • Occupational outlook information
  • Professional Associations
  • Job Postings

This tool breaks down “umbrella majors” into smaller categories. For example, business majors get divided into management, sales, banking, real estate and human resources.

Get a sense of whether or not a particular major is the right fit and continue your research through the information and websites provided.

O*Net OnLine

O*Net OnLine is an exploratory online resource that you may use to discover careers and jobs and get informed on up-to-date analysis on the outlook of those careers. You can browse careers by your personal interests, skills, values, and knowledge, or you can research a myriad of job options under specific career clusters, job family, industry, and others!

Visit https://www.onetonline.org/  to begin, or continue your vast search for the right career for you!