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Internship Testimonials

Vincent Silveira

Vincent Silveira ’13

Audit Associate, Deloitte

“It’s really cool to be a young intern in Philly. You meet other interns, go out after work and enjoy the city. It’s great.”

“You learn how to be in an office and how to navigate office politics and co-workers. Your internship teaches you those small things.”

“Your internship during college gets you the job after graduation, Your internship also teaches you those important real-world skills you need to thrive at that first job after college.”

Lauren Chieffo

Lauren Chieffo ’11

Marketing and Sales Manager of Domestic Home Entertainment, National Geographic Society

“Most Cabrini business majors land jobs within six months of graduation, because of the strong partnerships that Cabrini’s Career Center has cultivated in the business community. That was a deciding factor in my choosing Cabrini, because the right network made all the difference in today’s job market.”

“I went to a few workshops at the Career Center on resume writing and found a good sounding board in the staff when figuring out my career path.” 

Her internship supervisor at the Philadelphia Business Journal suggested that after she graduated she apply to their sister publication, the Washington Business Journal. She did so and was soon hired.

“My internship was the connection. Therest is history.”

Matthew Piontkowski

Matthew Piontkowski ’11 

Development Coordinator, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“When I wanted an internship, I told the Career Center and the next week I had an interview lined up. In fact, the Career Center set up all three of my internships. My resume looks great, with experiences and skills that employers are looking for these days.”

“The Career Center really helped. I had never even heard of the Chamber of Commerce before the interview,” recalled Piontkowski, who majored in marketing and international business.

His second internship was in event planning at the Philadelphia Business Journal, followed by a public relations internship at Devine + Partners, both in Center City.

“When you establish connections through an internship it may lead back to a full-time opportunity.”

Piontkowski was hired after graduation as a marketing associate at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, where he had completed his first internship.

“All students should apply for an internship. Internships teach you things that you cannot learn in the classroom. In all three of my internships, I was more than just an intern. I was part of a team.”

Danielle Allio

Danielle Alio ’12

Multimedia Specialist, Princeton University Office of Communications

“When I was interviewed for my current job at Princeton University, they were very impressed with my internship experience for Fox 29’s “Good Day Philadelphia. They knew that I had learned the necessary real‑world skills to thrive.” 

“My internship taught me how to adapt to sudden change in the workplace. Breaking news could happen at any moment. I had to learn to be ready for that big story to come in, whatever it may be.” 

Ryan Kaysen

Ryan Kaysen ’10

Internal Consultant, Delaware Investments

“My internship put me on a path to get the career I wanted. I was able to be in client meetings and see how these professionals interacted with clients. That helps me even today.”

“I told the staff at the Career Center about my major and my career goals, and they helped me develop my resume and narrow down my internship search.”

Kelsey Kastrava

Kelsey Kastrava ’12 

Assistant to the Director of Advancement 
Mercy Vocational High School 

“My internships—at Project H.O.M.E., Catholic Relief Services, Cabrini Mission Core, and Cabrini’s Office of Institutional Advancement—made me more marketable to advancement offices that were hiring,” said Kelsey, who works as assistant to the director of advancement at Mercy Vocational High School.

“Mercy Vocational was impressed with my ability to learn so much in semester-long positions and they were happy to add me to their staff.”

In addition to her internships for non-profits, Kelsey was a “10! Show” intern at NBC 10.

Ashley Correll

Ashley Correll ’09

Director of Beyond Insurance® Workshops
Addis Intellectual Capital, Tampa, FL

“My internships at Cabrini gave me a competitive advantage to better build connections and have relevant work experience before graduation.

“I had the opportunity to test the waters in multiple facets of the communications world—non-profit management, public relations, and marketing—and get a feel for what best suited my skill set and turn that into a career.” 

David Korpel ’09

Staff Accountant, MargolisBecker, LLC  

“An internship was never something I thought of as an integral part of my college education until I came to Cabrini. Every professor spoke about the importance and benefits.

“The internship I was assigned to acted as a great supplement to the topics I was learning in class. There is absolutely no substitute for “real world” experience, and my internship through Cabrini provided me just that.

“I graduated in December 2009 and was fortunate enough to be offered a full-time position at the accounting firm where I interned and have been working for that company ever since. None of that would have been possible without the opportunity I was given at Cabrini.”

Jessie HolevaJessie Holeva ’10

Fashion Blogger, Media Host, Fashionista

  • TrendHungry.com, Philly.com’s Style Section, QVC, King of Prussia Mall Style Setter
  • Quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Shape, and Woman’s Day

“Cabrini gives you all this opportunity at a very young age. Freshman year, I took a radio course, and that summer I had an on‑air radio gig at Rock 107 in Scranton, PA. I learned radio, video, PR, how to pitch an idea, how to work independently.

“Because Cabrini’s a small school, you get a lot of attention, and you get to be really creative. When I graduated, I needed to do something with my creativity. I started Trendhungry.com and just kept going from there.”

Laura Van De Pette ’07

Senior Account Executive, Brownstein Group Philadelphia  

“I knew my internship experiences were an advantage, but I didn’t realize how valuable they would be until I found myself interviewing for full-time positions as I approached graduation.

“Through my interviews, I found myself feeling confident and prepared to tackle the entry-level jobs at hand.

“Furthermore, I had a portfolio chock-full of applicable projects that served to not only back my resume, but proved that I had already successfully handled many of the responsibilities expected of the entry level position. I had two and half years of diverse internship experience.

“That made a significant difference when I began my job search.”