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Handshake is Cabrini's career portal for students and alumni.  Handshake is the leading career platform used at over 400 colleges and more than 200,000 employers.

With Handshake you can: 

  • Personalize your profile and experience.

  • Upload your resume to be visible to recruiters.

    • Please allow 48 hours for a representative from the Center for Career and Professional Development to review your resume.

  • Schedule Appointments with Career Counselors to:

    • Critique/Review your Resumes and Cover Letters
    • Provide you with General Career Counseling and Guidance (Major Exploration, Career Transition, Career Development Strategies)
    • Practice your Interview Preparations and Performances
    • Help you Prepare for Graduate School, and Other Career Development Milestones
    • Assist you with all of the Processes Related to Job/Internship Search
  • View CCPD's career events calendar, and register for Career Fairs, Networking Nights, Career Express Workshops, On-Campus Recruiting, and MORE!

  • Login today with your Cabrini University Email Address!
    • Be sure to download Handshake Mobile in your App store to discover jobs on the go and to stay on track with reminders for application deadlines and direct messages from employers. 

Need help with your account? 

  • If you are an Alumni and you do not have a Handshake account please click here to complete a quick form.  
    • We will use this information to set up your Handshake account.  After we enter your information, you will receive an e-mail from Handshake with instructions on how to complete the process. 
  • If you are a current Cabrini student or recent Cabrini graduate, you have a Handshake account linked to your Cabrini email address! 
    • Your login credentials will be your Cabrini email using your shortname (for example - aa000@cabrini.edu).  Try using that email address and following the instructions below to sign in to Handshake.  

*Handshake First-time Log-in Instructions* 

  1. Go to www.cabrini.joinhandshake.com
  2. Type your Cabrini email address (initials and numbers version) into the text box directly underneath 'Sign In with Your Email'. (Do NOT click on 'Sign up for an account' on the bottom left! Your account was already created by the CCPD)
  3. Click 'Continue'.
  4. A new page will then prompt you to input a password. Keep the text box empty, and click on 'Set Your Password'.
  5. An email will be immediately sent to your Cabrini email address. Follow the instructions in that email to finalize your student registration, and set your password.
  6. You can then revisit the log-in page www.cabrini.joinhandshake.com, and go through the steps, typing in your password to log-in.
  7. You will be prompted to customize your profile, prior to entering the Handshake portal. 
  8. If these instructions did not work for you, please click here to complete a quick form, and we will reach out to you. 

Watch this short presentation to see what Handshake has to offer! 


Alumni Handshake Accounts

Are you an Alum who wants to connect with our office? 

Alumni are invited to meet with career counselors, posts jobs and internships to students, and/or participate in panels, speaking events, and networking events.  If you are interested in connecting with our office, please complete this form: 

Alumni Career Engagement Form

Handshake Security Information: 

Security Processes through Handshake for Student and Employer information.

Student Security

Employer Tracking Security Measures

Handshake reviews all employers and employment possibilities through a partnership with Sift and Google’s webrisk API. These employer validation tools use machine learning to monitor for fraudulent activity from the moment an employer creates an account onward—when logging in, posting jobs, and sending messages. Sift tracks IP addresses, devices, and known malicious networks across their customer base to quickly identify suspected fraudulent activity. Meanwhile, Google’s webrisk API will monitor for suspicious company website URLs. Taken together, these partnerships allow Handshake to monitor for: Fraudulent account creation, Fraudulent job postings, Malicious messages & spam, Malicious websites, and Account takeover. Once new employers pass employer validation, they will be allowed onto the network near-instantaneously. Handshake’s Trust & Safety Team will review employers flagged as potentially malicious to decide whether they should be suspended from our platform.

NOTE: Handshake will not block employers for having a residential address, not having a website, or having a mismatch between email domain and website domain. However, their Trust & Safety Team will monitor correlation between these employer attributes and fraudulent activity on the network to determine whether/how this data point can help better identify fraud in the future.

Beware of Scams and Phishing

Handshake and a variety of online job boards are very convenient for you to find positions. Although security precautions exist, scammers can sometimes get through and create fraudulent positions. It is very important that you proceed with caution and common sense. You need to read position descriptions carefully before applying.

Handshake has high security thresholds, but no system is 100% fraud free. You control the distribution of your resume in the Handshake system by submission. No employer has access to your Documents section or Profile unless you choose to make your profile public.

Trust your instincts! If you are uncomfortable with some of the information requested, do not continue contact with the organization or individual

If you receive follow-up correspondence or an offer that seems unusual, you need to proceed with caution. Some e-mail providers along with social media sites allow you to block users, so use this to protect yourself.

Flag the employer on Handshake and email the CCPD if you believe a company is suspicious.


  • Do not apply if you are asked to provide a credit card, bank, PayPal account, Social Security numbers, photo ID, or payment.
  • Do not apply if you are offered a large payment or reward in exchange for a money transfer.
  • If you receive a large check – DO NOT CASH THE CHECK
  • Do not apply if you if you asked to complete a background check before a pending offer.
  • Be suspicious if the e-mail address that is communicating with you does not match the organization’s website. For example an AOL e-mail for ABC Company instead of the company e-mail appearing in the address.
  • Do not buy something from the person or for the person interviewing you beforehand.


  • Be cautious of postings for work-at-home, mystery shoppers, or virtual positions
  • Do not apply to internships/positions where work is in a home residence
  • If the listed salary seems too good to be true or if the pay is up front? Beware!
  • Look for typos and misspellings.
  • Avoid international opportunities that require you to pay for travel expenses or upfront program fees.
  • Verify that a URL listed in the posting goes to the internet domain of the company listed. For example if the posting includes company 123 with web address www.123.com/career and goes to www.123.org/career


  • End all communication and if personal information was provided, monitor your accounts and stop payments
  • Report to your bank and credit cards fraud services
  • Contact CCPD (career@cabrini.edu) ASAP so we can review, notify others, and report incidents
  • Report to The Internet Crime Complaint Center http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx
  • If the incident occurred entirely over the internet, file an incident report with the FCC at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or at http://www.cybercrime.gov.
  • Know the Labor Laws, Procedures, and Policies: The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/flsa