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Refunds due to students may be transferred directly to a designated checking or savings account. PLUS loan refunds will be mailed to the parent address.

To set up a bank account (Only one bank account can be designated to receive funds), go to the Cabrini Portal:

  • Select the Students tab.
  • Select “Review eBill” under Billing and Financial Aid.
  • Go to the Refunds tab.
  • Select “Payment Profile” to add your bank information.
  • Check the “Refund Option” box to designate the account where to receive refunds.

Refunds because of Withdrawal

A student who withdraws receives a tuition refund based on the following attendance schedule during the semester:

  Fall & Spring Semesters:

  • First day of semester to end of drop/add period: 100%
  • 11 to 13 calendar days: 80%
  • 14 to 20 calendar days: 60%
  • 21 to 34 calendar days: 30%
  • 35 calendar days or more: No Refund

  Summer Semester (12 week session):

  • First week of class: 80%
  • Second week of class: 60%
  • After second week of class: No Refund

  Summer Semester (accelerated six-week session): 

  • Before the second class meeting/login: 100%
  • After the second class meeting/login: No Refund

  Accelerated Courses

  • Before the second meeting of the class: 100%
  • After the second class meeting/login: No Refund

Refunds for housing and meal plans are based on the following schedule of the official date of withdrawal from the University or from resident housing:

  • Before first day of semester: 100%
  • First day of semester to 3 calendar days: 95%
  • 4 to 6 calendar days: 90%
  • 7 to 13 calendar days: 80%
  • 14 to 20 calendar days: 60%
  • 21 to 35 calendar days: 30%
  • 36 calendar days or more: No Refund

Calendar days for the refund period begin on the first day classes are scheduled, not the first day the actual class is held. Refund is based on the official date of withdrawal from a course, not the day the student stops attending class.

Withdrawals from housing must be done in writing to the director of Residence Life. The student must vacate the residence hall on the official date of withdrawal, or charges will continue.

Refunds because of Overpayment of Financial Aid

Students who pay their tuition with financial aid may be eligible for a refund when all aid is posted to the student’s account and the amount exceeds their charges for that semester.

When it has been determined that an overpayment exists, students may check their Cabrini Portal account Thursday evening to see if their refund has been processed.

If the statement “Refund to Student” appears on their account summary, a check will be printed that Friday.

All refund checks will be mailed to the students’ permanent address unless an electronic refund account is active.

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