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The Business Office is responsible for the purchasing functions of Cabrini. Generally, department representatives may initiate purchases covered by funds approved in their budgets.

Cabrini’s goal in purchasing is to procure goods and services that meet community needs in a timely, efficient, and properly controlled manner in adherence to standard business practices and requirements for the expenditure of government grants.

The Business Office fulfills this responsibility by educating the community about “best procurement practices,” managing purchase orders, and enforcing the policies and procedures.

  1. Before making a purchase, review preferred vendors
  2. Contact preferred vendor to negotiate purchase of goods and services.
  3. Complete a purchasing requisition and obtain necessary approvals.
    • Any purchase greater than $2,000 requires a purchase order.
    • Any purchase greater than $5,000 requires bidding.

Purchasing Forms

Materials & Equipment

Less than $100:
Cabrini has two ways to procure items totaling $99 or less.

  1. Use a Cabrini-issued purchasing card.
    • If you do not have a card, ask the departmental administrative staff for assistance.
  2. Use your own cash or credit card.
    • To receive reimbursement, submit the original sales slip with a check request to Accounts Payable.
    • A check will be sent to you in about five days.

Between $100 and $2,000:
Use a Cabrini-issued purchasing card.

$2,000 or More:
Purchases greater than $2,000 not listed as a following exception require a purchase order, which should be charged on a Cabrini-issued purchasing card.

These include but are not limited to:

  • airline/train tickets
  • meals, hotels, travel expenses
  • conference/seminar registrations
  • dues, memberships, licenses, application fees
  • all subscriptions/renewals
  • advertisements
  • books, publications, periodicals, newsletters

For any questions about these exceptions or others not listed, please contact the Business Office.

Tax Status

Cabrini is classified as a non-profit educational institution and, as such, is exempt from the Pennsylvania Sales and Use Tax, unless otherwise noted in the tax laws.

Most other states allow their merchants to honor this exemption. However, some states require tax payments for goods and services.

To take advantage of this status, payments must be made directly to the supplier from the supplier’s invoice. Cabrini will not reimburse individuals for sales tax in excess of $5.

  • For a copy of our tax-exempt certificate, please contact the Business Office.

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