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Purchase Orders

Cabrini departments should use purchase orders:

  1. to control the acquisition of goods and services when price is a primary consideration
  2. to create an “encumbrance” that will help you manage your budget
  3. to allow everyone involved in the purchase cycle to track the order by referring to the same number

To use a purchase order, fill out a Purchase Requisition, adhering to the approval requirements noted above.

The Business Office generates the purchase order and faxes it to the supplier.

Open Purchase Order
By using an Open Purchase Order, you have created an encumbrance in the accounting system that will decrease as invoices are received against the purchase order number.

Open purchase orders should only be used for contracts that are being charged to one account, such as a monthly fee.

Authority to Requisition
Vice Presidents are responsible for adherence to their departmental budgets.

Approving purchase orders is one method for monitoring departments’ expenditures. Although it may be delegated, the authority to approve requisitions and requests resides with each Vice President.

Requisitioner’s Responsibilities 
Effective purchasing requires a joint effort by faculty, staff members, and Accounts Payable.

To achieve the goal of providing a high level of service to all departments, the following basic procedures should be followed:

  • Anticipate requirements sufficiently in advance to allow time for quotes, and to effect timely delivery.
  • Be specific when preparing requisitions and requests. Include all details required on the form.
  • Only the Business Office should make commitments to vendors.
    • The Business Office can obtain better prices than individual units.
    • Also, by standardizing commonly used items and combining volumes throughout Cabrini, quality is maintained or upgraded while costs are contained or reduced.
  • Keep price quotations confidential.
  • Inspect all deliveries immediately and carefully for any damage.
  • Approve and forward the Payment Approval Form promptly when order is received and you are satisfied with the purchase. All invoices should go through the Business Office for payment.

In order to provide appropriate financial control over the expenditure of Cabrini funds, a system of approval levels has been established.

  • Operating budget purchases under $5,000 require only department director approval.
  • Operating budget purchases over $5,000 require Divisional Vice President approval.
  • Operating budget purchases over $25,000 require the approval of the Vice President for Finance.

Before forwarding, budgeted capital acquisitions require the approval of the Divisional Vice President and the Controller’s Office.

Capital acquisitions greater than $25,000 require the approval of the Vice President for Finance.

Prior to processing, computer-equipment purchases require the approval of the Information Technology Resources Department.

All contracts (equipment lease or rental, services, etc.) require budget approval and must be processed through the Vice President for Finance.