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Refund Policy

Incoming Students

If you are an incoming student and have decided not to attend Cabrini in 2023-2024, your deposit will be refunded.  Please notify Cabrini’s Office of Admissions at admit@cabrini.edu or 610.902.8552 of your decision and allow two weeks for refund processing.

Fall 2023 – Refund Dates

Tuition –

Up to and including 9/6/23 – 100% refund

9/7/23 - 9/9/23 – 80% refund

9/10/23 - 9/16/23 – 60% refund

9/17/23 – 9/30/23 – 30% refund

10/1/23 or later – 0% refund

Housing and Board Costs –

Prior to the first day of the semester or up to and including 8/27/23 – 100% refund

8/28/23 – 8/30/23 – 95% refund

8/31/23 – 9/2/23 – 90% refund

9/3/23 – 9/9/23 – 80% refund

9/10/23 – 9/16/23 – 60% refund

9/17/23 – 09/30/2023 – 30% refund

10/1/23 or later – 0% refund


Refund Policy for Accelerated and/or Part-of-Term Courses

A student who drops an accelerated or part-of-term course receives a full refund based on the following
attendance schedule during the course:

  • In-Person Courses:
    Before the Second Meeting of the Class - 100%
  • Online or Hybrid Courses:
    No later than 24 hours following the first course meeting either on-campus (in person) meeting or online
    connection, whichever is first - 100%.

Students who drop a course after the timeframe noted above will receive no refund of tuition, registration, lab, or course fees.

Students must officially withdraw through the Registrar’s Office for the refund policy to be honored. Refunds are not issued to students who register for, but fail to attend, a course or courses.