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Religious Studies Minor

A religious studies minor is excellent preparation for work in a number of fields in which knowledge of religion is beneficial.

Requirements for the Minor in Religious Studies
(all courses 3 credits unless noted)

Choose two of the following:

  • REL 109 - Moral Matters
  • REL 110 - The Search for Meaning
  • REL 121 - Introduction to the Christian Tradition
  • REL 214 - The Catholic Church in America

Choose one of the following:

  • REL 211 - Faith and Justice
  • REL 225 - Catholic Social Thought and Practice
  • H REL 301 - Honors Religious Studies: Heroes of Conscience
  • REL 316 - Liberation Theologies

Choose one of the following:

  • H REL 220 - Honors Religious Studies: Religious Folklife
  • REL 221 - Religion in America
  • REL 223 - Church and State: A U.S. Perspective
  • H REL 312 - Honors Religious Studies: Sects and Cults in American Religion

Religious Studies Electives (6 credits) 

Total credits for minor: 18 

  • No courses in the minor may be taken under the pass/fail option.
  • A QPA of 2.67 is required in religious studies courses.
  • No religious studies course with a grade of C or below can be credited to the minor.

Transfer student coursework will be evaluated by the department chair to develop a timetable for completion of the minor in religious studies.

Religious Studies Minor for Education Majors

Education majors who plan to teach in a parochial school may wish to minor in religious studies.

The department offers a minor designed to help place students in the parochial school system.

Requirements for the Minor in Religious Studies for Education Majors
(all courses 3 credits unless noted)

  • REL 111 - Faith and Justice
  • REL 121 - Introduction to the Christian Tradition
  • REL 208 - Contemporary Approaches to Religious Development
  • Religious Studies Electives 
    (choose two of the following)
    • REL 105 - Jesus: History and Myth
    • REL 107 - The Sacraments: Ritual, Worship, and Symbol
    • REL 109 - Contemporary Moral Problems
    • REL 218 - Introduction to the Gospels
    • REL 219 - Introduction to the Epistles
    • REL 225 - Catholic Social Thought and Practice

Total credits for minor: 18