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Cabrini students in class

Anthony Tomasco, PhD

Professor, Psychology

Anthony T. Tomasco, PhD, joined Cabrini in 1968 and initially was drawn to the way in which Cabrini fosters unrecognized talents in students and helps them become the proverbial “big fish in the pond,” and has watched that practice strengthen during his time here.

As a teacher, Tomasco subscribes to the philosophy of therapist Carl Rogers: “Maximize the importance of congruence, empathy and respect in your interactions with students, recognizing that their own self-actualization is their most important life-long task,” he says.

Over the past dozen years, Tomasco has accompanied many Cabrini students to professional and school-related conferences to give them the opportunity to present research they have developed in coursework.

Tomasco is pleased to see so many Cabrini students take part in regional conferences such as Psi Chi and the Eastern Psychological Association Conferences.

Tomasco enjoys furthering his knowledge of the psychology field by researching relevant topics such as theories of genius, intelligence, and creativity; biological and evolutionary foundations of behavior; research and measurement; and history and systems in psychology.

Most recently, he co-authored an unpublished manuscript with Dr. Joseph Romano on philosophical and psychological perspective on human nature.

His research includes studies on the evaluation of college faculty; effective teaching and program development; and assessment of student orientation to college. He has given numerous presentations and has published several works on these subjects. Additionally, he seizes any opportunity to mentor students on their research projects.

Tomasco earned a B.A from LaSalle University, an M.S. from Villanova University, and a Ph.D. from Temple University. His interests include history and systems in psychology, biological and evolutionary foundations of behavior, and mentoring students on their individual research projects.

He has published work on effective teaching and program development, evaluation of college faculty, and assessment for student orientation to college.

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