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Philosophy and Liberal Studies Department

The Philosophy and Liberal Studies Department offers students a choice of two majors: Philosophy* and Liberal Studies.**

*This program is not accepting incoming students as new majors. The minor is open to all students.

**This program is not accepting incoming students as new majors.

The Philosophy major is designed to help students with their most important project—developing their own morally coherent identities and world views. It offers courses that take students through the beginnings of philosophy to contemporary applications of philosophy to present-day problems. 

The Liberal Studies major allows students to branch out over three disciplines or conceptual frameworks of the traditional liberal arts. Students then synthesize their knowledge experiences through several thematic courses offered by the department.

The department also offers courses in the Social Justice curriculum, promoting Cabrini’s “education of the heart.”

Besides giving all students a solid foundation in values and self-knowledge, both of these programs prepare students for graduate study in law, medicine and business. Cabrini philosophy and liberal studies majors have gone on to successful careers in these fields, as well as many others. 

Most importantly, these majors prepare students for a rich and full life, one that takes pleasure in learning and never loses its sense of wonder.

Careers in Philosophy and Liberal Studies

Cabrini philosophy majors work in a variety of careers and many go on to graduate school for philosophy, law, public policy, or public administration, as well as teaching philosophy at the college level. 

Students often combine philosophy with some other major like psychology, history, or business, which gives them a chance to study what they love—philosophy—and still have some career preparation in another discipline. 

Philosophy majors do very well in law school and other graduate school programs, because they have the necessary critical-thinking skills. Many go into some kind of writing or communications job for the same reasons.

Liberal studies majors also have a broad range of careers to choose from. The skills gained are the very same skills that employers most seek. The student’s career choice will depend on his/her focus within the liberal arts. 

Liberal Studies is an appropriate major for the student who is open to a variety of employment opportunities and does not want to be too narrowly defined.