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The Mansion at Cabrini University

Fine Arts Calendar

Experience the arts at Cabrini University! From performances by renowned musicians and the Cabrini Chorus to art exhibitions and student theatre productions, Cabrini prides itself in being an integral part of the arts in the local community.

Admission is free, and all are welcome.

Events subject to change

Reni Gower -- Tiles and Tessellations Reni Artwork

September 6 - October 5, 2018, in the Gorevin Gallery, Holy Spirit Library

  • Opening Reception:
    September 6, 4:30-6:30pm 
    Curator Talk at 5pm 

Tiles and Tessellations consists of large singular "Papercuts" and grid installations. Inspired by sacred geometry, this artwork recognizes geometric perfection as the matrix of humanity.  Since ancient times, perfect forms (circle, square, and triangle) have been thought to convey sacred and universal truths by reflecting the fractal interconnections of the natural world.  One finds these similarities embedded in decorative patterns around the globe. Incorporating these patterns into contemporary artwork promotes understanding through a shared perspective that can reinforce cross-cultural bonds. 

Given our troubled times, Tiles and Tessellations speaks to a shared artistic legacy between the West and the Middle East with hope and optimism. Gower’s art celebrates slow work made by hand, while it counters visual skimming and encourages quiet reflection.  As such, Tiles and Tessellations is a perfect conduit for conversations that embrace cultural awareness through mindfulness and mutual respect.


Yankel Ginzburg

Collection donated by Dr. Thomas & Mrs. Joanne Balshi ('69)
October 11 - November 9, 2018, in the Gorevin Gallery, Holy Spirit Library

  • Opening Reception: October 11, 6-8pm

This exhibition showcases a collection of prints from the artist, Yankel Ginzburg. His work has connections to mythical symbolism and demonstrates his mastery of medium. Yankel Ginzburg's work has been exhibited around the world and now here at Cabrini University.  This collection was a generous gift from Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Joanne Balshi (‘69) to Cabrini University.

Ginzburg painting 

Art + Effect High School Poster Exhibition 

November 18, 2018, in Grace Hall 

  • Opening Reception: 1-3pm 

Art + Effect is a juried exhibition of student work from the 2018 high school poster competition sponsored by Cabrini University’s Graphic Design & Fine Arts Department. These conceptual posters focus on the theme of immigration. The Art + Effect exhibition is a forum in which high school students share their vision and talents as makers of change.



Past Musical Performers

  • Resident Artists from the Academy of Vocal Arts
  • Sheila Browne, Violist, and Barbara Browne, Pianist
  • OperaOggiNY
  • Ching-Yun Hu, Pianist
  • Jenny Chen, Pianist
  • Dolce Suono Trio
  • Fire Pink Trio
  • Galina Sakhnovskaya, Soprano, and Mikhail Yanovitsky, Pianist
  • William Carr, Pianist
  • Richard Amoroso, Violinist
  • Sylvia Torán, Pianist
  • Young-Ah Tak, Pianist
  • The Pennsylvania Symphonic Winds

Past Exhibitors

  • Micah Danges, “Front: Back”
  • Posters for the People: Art of the WPA 1936-1946
  • Matthew Christopher, "Abandoned America: The Age of Consequences" 
  • Thomas Vance, “Framing Nightingales”
  • “The Eye of the Collector: The Jewish Vision of Sigmund R. Balka (Part II)”
  • EJ Herczyk, combining computer and hand-painted imagery
  • Christine Palnik, “Reduction”
  • Michael Willse, “DUMBSTUCK/RESTRUCK: repair, recovery, and reclamations”
  • Laura Velez, “PERMISSION: A Collective”
  • Dennis Bertram, “Bouquet Skyships”

Friends of Cabrini Arts

Are you interested in the arts at Cabrini University?

Learn more about gallery exhibitions, performances, and other arts events on campus.

Friends of Cabrini Arts is a group that recognizes art as a significant aspect of Cabrini students’ collegiate experience and advocates for resources to enhance the arts at Cabrini.

Those who contribute financial support, expertise, or time toward the arts at Cabrini will become a member of Friends of Cabrini Arts.


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