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Dean Van Brunt and speaker

 Center for Global Learning

The Center for Global Learning serves as a resource for creating cultural awareness and responsible global citizenship for all Cabrini students. The Center promotes and facilitates globally relevant undergraduate and graduate education for the purpose of equipping students with an intercultural understanding and global awareness through a social justice lens.  Within an interdisciplinary context, the Center for Global Learning seeks to develop constructive partnerships and relationships among global universities, organizations, and scholars.

Attention Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Staff

We are seeking Global Citizen Stories that address Change for the Common Good.

We learn from people who can reflect on their global experiences.  People who can recognize the power of human dignity and the vast social injustices that appear throughout our interconnected world.   We learn from those who have experience working with and living amongst those who are most needy and those in post-war conflict areas on how to broaden the lens we look through. By sharing global stories we can help prepare others to make our planet more just, inclusive and recognize that all humans deserve dignity.
Do you have a Global Citizen story where you have been touched, shaped, and changed through your journey?  We would love to hear your story!
Please email your stories to Vonya Womack at vsw25@cabrini.edu
The Center for Global Learning will be collecting stories and launching a Global Story Telling Series through a partnership with the Cabrini Wolfington Center.  The first event of the series will be coming in April 2019 so please be sure to check the website, social media, and flyers around campus for this new exciting ongoing event! 

Strategic Goals for the Center on Global Learning

  • Support faculty research on global issues, especially those that focus on social justice topics.
  • Grow partnerships to increase affordable study abroad opportunities for students.
  • Secure foundation and other grant funding to help support global initiatives.
  • Work closely with Catholic Relief Services and similar humanitarian organizations, with regards to international initiatives for students and faculty.
  • Become a resource for organizations with regards to global initiatives, research, and programming.
  • Develop programming to bring global leaders or groups to campus to enhance the global perspective of students.
  • Create study abroad opportunities for graduate students.
  • Showcase student presentations from study abroad experiences.

For more information about this center, you can contact Erin McLaughlin, emm323@cabrini.edu, or Vonya Womack, vsw25@cabrini.edu

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