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Finance Major

The finance major prepares students for a professional position in a variety of areas including banking, corporate finance, investment management, commercial development, private wealth management.

The design of the program of study is to introduce students to these areas, to provide them with the appropriate skills for employment, and to develop skills which will allow them to move professionally within their chosen career sector.

All of the business major programs at Cabrini include a common business core which recognizes the “enterprise” nature of today’s business world that integrates the various strategic areas of business.

Students may find a concentration or minor useful in customizing the major to meet diverse career goals. Students should consult with their faculty advisor about the use of concentrations and minors. 

Requirements for the Major in Finance
(all courses 3 credits unless noted)

Business Enterprise Core Requirements:

  • BUS 120 - Principles of Business
  • ECO 131 - Microeconomics
  • ECO 132 - Macroeconomics
  • ACC 210 - Accounting Principles I
  • ACC 211 - Accounting Principles II
  • BUS 220 - Quantitative Business Analysis I
  • BUS 221 - Quantitative Business Analysis II
  • MKT 230 - Principles of Marketing
  • FIN 285 - Business Finance I
  • BUS 288 - Professional Development I 
  • BUS 321 - Business Law I
  • BUS 351 - Management Information Systems
  •  BUS 488 - Internship Experience

Finance Requirements:

  • FIN 235 - Principles of Investment
  • FIN 302 - Financial Markets
  • FIN 306 - International Finance
  • FIN 371 - Business Finance II
  • FIN 454 - Finance Seminar

Finance Elective (select one):

  • FIN/POL 307 - Public Finance
  • FIN 342/ACC 342 - Financial Statement Analysis
  • FIN 374 - Risk Management

Advanced Finance Elective (select one):

  • FIN 403 - Mergers & Acquisitions
  • FIN 405 - Capital Budgeting
  • FIN 431 - Investment Portfolio Management

General Electives Credits: 21–35

Total Credits for Major: 60

All Business Majors are required to take ENG 234, Writing for Leadership, as their Values Exploration for the Core.

Learning Outcomes
Finance majors will:

  • demonstrate interpersonal skills that allow them to function effectively as a team leader or team member, as required in a workplace setting
  • be able to solve specific financial problems that require critical analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of financial information
  • be able to express orally and in writing complex financial concepts, using appropriate terminology, formats, and technologies
  • demonstrate basic knowledge of current domestic and global financial events
  • demonstrate mastery of the basic concepts in finance at a level appropriate for graduates of an undergraduate major in the field, including Ratio analysis, Time Value of Money, Capital Budgeting, Investment fundamentals, Financial Markets, and International Finance
  • demonstrate an understanding of the role of ethical behavior and social responsibility in business, understand and evaluate the impact of business decisions on others, and appreciate the role that business can play in societal change

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