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A Cabrini student dressed in a suit and tie for an internship

Business Management Major

The business management major provides students with a broad range of instructional options as professional preparation for a variety of careers.

All of the business major programs at Cabrini include a common business core which recognizes the “enterprise” nature of today’s business world that integrates the various strategic areas of business.

Requirements for the major in Business Management 
(all courses 3 credits unless noted)

Business Enterprise Core Requirements:

  • BUS 120 - Principles of Management
  • ECO 131 - Microeconomics
  • ECO 132 - Macroeconomics
  • ACC 210 - Accounting Principles I
  • ACC 211 - Accounting Principles II
  • BUS 220 - Quantitative Business Analysis I
  • BUS 221 - Quantitative Business Analysis II
  • MKT 230 - Principles of Marketing
  • FIN 285 - Business Finance I
  • BUS 288 - Professional Development I (1.5 credits) 
  • BUS 321 - Business Law I
  • BUS 351 - Management Information Systems
  • Internship Experience

Business Management Requirements:

  • BUS 164 - Leadership and Supervisory Skills
  • HRM 200 - Human Resources Management
  • BUS 451 - Business Management Seminar

Elective in Marketing* (select one of the following):

  • MKT 234 - Sports Marketing
  • MKT 290 - Consumer and Buyer Behavior
  • MKT 345 - E- and Direct Marketing
  • MKT 348 - Sales Promotion
  • MKT 355 - International Marketing
  • MKT 365 - Advertising
  • MKT 375 - Sales and Salesmanship
  • MKT 400 - Distribution of Products and Services
  • MKT 401 - Marketing Research
  • MKT 406 - Retail Management

Elective in Human Resources Management* 
(select one of the following):

  • HRM 310 - Training and Development
  • HRM 319 - Compensation and Benefit Management
  • HRM 322 - Labor Relations
  • HRM 324 - International Management
  • HRM 415 - Staffing
  • HRM 424 - Organization Change and Development

Elective in Finance or Accounting* 
(select one of the following):

  • BUS 231 - Personal Finance
  • FIN 235 - Principles of Investment
  • FIN 302 - Financial Markets
  • FIN 306 - International Finance
  • FIN/POL 307 - Public Finance
  • ACC 330 - Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACC 560 - International Accounting
  • ACC 340 - Managerial Accounting
  • FIN 371 - Business Finance II
  • FIN 374 - Risk Management

Business Elective: (see requirements for concentration or minor)

General Electives Credits: 21–35

Total Credits for Major: 60

*One of the electives must be an international course (BUS 309, FIN 306, HRM 324, ACC 335, or MKT 355).

All Business Majors are required to take ENG 234, Writing for Leadership, as their Values Exploration for the Core.

Learning Outcomes
Business Management majors will:

  • demonstrate interpersonal skills that will allow them to function effectively as a team leader or team member, as required in a workplace setting
  • be able to solve specific business problems that require critical analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of financial information
  • be able to express orally and in writing complex business concepts, using appropriate terminology, formats, and technologies
  • demonstrate ability to conduct research and apply appropriate models and processes to support business analysis and decision making
  • demonstrate mastery of the basic concepts and analytical skills in management, marketing, accounting, finance, economics, and quantitative decision making and understand the interdisciplinary nature of these areas, at a level appropriate for graduates of an undergraduate major in the field
  • demonstrate an understanding of the role of ethical behavior in business, understand and evaluate the impact of business decisions on others, and appreciate the role that business can play in societal change
  • demonstrate an understanding of economic issues as they effect the operation of a company and an economy
  • use and apply computer technology appropriate to their field

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