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Communication Department

Students in Communication Classes.png

Students who study Communication at Cabrini University are never bored or limited in their career opportunities. 


Because Communication at Cabrini is an interdisciplinary program of study that incorporates concepts from psychology, marketing, business, graphic design, political science, education, global studies, and more. Also, because technology continually changes, students studying Communication at Cabrini are constantly learning new platforms over which to communicate. 

Communication itself is always new, always interesting, and always in-demand by audiences everywhere.

Students who study Communication at Cabrini are prepared to excel in many different fields. Careers in communication span journalism, multimedia, television or radio broadcasting, marketing communication, social media marketing, advertising, public relations, event management, sports communication, secondary education, and many others. 

A Communication degree from Cabrini widens students’ job possibilities upon graduation and throughout their professional career.

The Communication Department at Cabrini University is award-winning and has a strong reputation in the industry. Its Digital Communication and Social Media degree teaches students how to communicate through multiple media and produce messages with hard-hitting impact. They learn how to work collaboratively with peers, think creatively to solve problems, and lead and manage media projects of all sizes. 

The faculty in the Communication Department have industry experience in communication-related fields that enable them to bring real-world examples into the classroom. Their offices are co-located next to the classrooms, labs, and studios in the department, which means they are always accessible to students and available to answer questions. The faculty and students in Cabrini’s Communication Department enjoy a close relationship and this facilitates the learning process.

Right from freshman year, students in Cabrini’s Communication Department are actively engaged in applying what they’re learning in the classroom. They produce stories for the student-run media organization, The Loquitur. They serve as on-air personalities for Cavalier Radio, now livestreaming. They call games for Cabrini Athletics in the department’s Sports Communication minor. And the list goes on. Special emphasis in the department is given to teaching students how to converge their media skills to produce stories with a social justice impact in alignment with Cabrini’s University’s mission. 

Cabrini’s Communication Department is the right fit for students who enjoy being actively engaged in their learning, who value close relationships with their classmates and faculty, who want to communicate for positive social change, and who like the challenge of always discovering something new and different. Never be bored. Always be building toward the boundless future that awaits.  


For more information and examples of our student's work, visit cabrinicom.com.