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Spanish Minor

The Spanish minor will provide students with a strategic advantage in a number of fields in which Spanish language competency and communication, as well as a global perspective are deemed a benefit. Careers such as teaching, the medical profession, banking, business, communications, public relations, social work, and government are increasingly valuing and often requiring knowledge of Spanish.

Requirements for the Minor in Spanish
(all courses 3 credits unless noted)

Entry-Level Courses:

  • SPA 202 - Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPA 203 - Conversation and Composition
  • SPA 204 - Conversation and Composition

Required Courses: 

  • SPA 311 - Advanced Conversation through Spanish and Latin American Films
  • SPA 312 - Advanced Grammar and Composition

Elective Courses:

  • One Spanish for the Professions Class (SPA 206, 208, 210, 216, 217, 219)
  • HLAN 301 - Don Quixote and the Art of Imagination
  • SPA 302 - Masterpieces of Spanish Literature
  • SPA 303 - Survey of Spanish and Latin American Cultures through Film (must be taken in Spanish)
  • LAS/SPA 315 - Identity Politics in Latin American (must be taken in Spanish)
  • SPA 320 - Introduction to Cultural Materials from the Spanish-speaking World
  • SPA 321 - Latin American Short Story
  • SPA 322-  Political and Social Transitions in the Spanish-Speaking World through Theatre
  • SPA 324 Cultural Perspectives Revealed through Latin American Children's Literature
  • LAS/SPA 220 - Latinos in the US (must be taken in Spanish)
  • SPA/LAS 460- Mentoring Latino Students in the Norristown Area School District (3 semesters, one credit per semester)

Total Credits for Minor: 18

Note: SPA 202 is a prerequisite to SPA 203 or 204, and SPA 203 and SPA 204 are prerequisites for all advanced Spanish courses.

SPA 202, 203 or 204 may be substituted for a higher-level Spanish class for heritage speakers in consultation with the department chair.

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