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Social Work Major

The social work program cultivates leadership and excellence in practice through experiences in classroom learning, field instruction, and direct engagement in action to end social and economic injustice.

The Social Work Program and the larger Cabrini community share a commitment to the common good and strive to prepare graduates to serve their communities and the world in ways that will enhance human dignity and justice for all people.

Social work courses are structured and sequenced to prepare students for entry into the social work field with the professional development of knowledge, skills, and values appropriate for baccalaureate-level positions.

Emphasis is placed on awareness of self as the primary tool in the professional relationship and on the integration of professional knowledge, values, and practice skills.

Students learn to evaluate their strengths and limitations, and to realize their motivation and aptitude for continuing in social work as a career choice.

Requirements for the Major in Social Work
(all courses 3 credits unless noted)

Pre-Practicum Level

  • SOW 210 - Introduction to Social Work
  • SOW/213 - Group Structures and Processes
  • SOW Elective (minimum of one Social Work elective)
  • SOW 301 - History of Social Policy and Services
  • SOW 303 - Human Behavior & the Social Environment I

Practicum Level

  • SOW 304 - Human Behavior & the Social Environment II
  • SOW 310 - Social Work Practice Theory I*
  • SOW 311 - Preparation for Practice*
  • SOW 410 - Social Work Practice Theory II
  • SOW 411 - Field Experience in Social Work II
  • SOW 402 - Social Welfare Development, Policy, and Services
  • SOW 445 – Research Methods in Social Work
  • SOW 412 - Senior Capstone Seminar
  • SOW 488 - Social Work Internship/Field Practicum (6 credits)

Related Requirements

  • SOC 215 - Introduction to Sociology: Race, Class, Gender
  • PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology

Total Credits for Major: 51
*Students planning to major in social work must have an interview with the program director (department chair).

Prior to entrance into the Practicum Level of the program, students wishing to continue in the major must meet with the full-time social work faculty and complete a formal application to the Field Education Program of the Social Work major.

**Social work majors are required to take BIO 177, Health and the Human Body, as one of their two Scientific Literacies for the Core.

**Social Work majors are required to take either POL 205 Introduction to Political Science or POL 230 Current Events to satisfy their Individual & Society Exploration requirement for the Core.

Special Requirements
All students interested in pursuing the Social Work major (a BSW degree) must formally apply to the program.
Prior to entry into the Practicum Level and the first field practicum (SOW 311), students must participate in a screening procedure, complete a formal application for admission to the field practicum program, and submit evidence that they have completed all required courses with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in related course-work and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in social work courses

Social Work Competencies
The Cabrini University Social Work curriculum is designed to demonstrate the nine Social Work Competencies articulated by the Council on Social Work Education.  Additional information on the Social Work Competencies, a competency-based approach to social work education, and accreditation by the Council on Social Work Education can be found at:http://www.cswe.org/accreditation