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Political Science Major

The political science major provides a solid background in the theoretical and analytical concepts of political science and stimulates thought and action so the student can understand, if not control, the political factors that shape destiny.

The study of political science is not viewed as an end, but as a tool to further the objectives of a humane community.

Coursework develops sound research, writing principles and the impetus to objectively pursue methods of understanding. Political Science majors find a variety of career options in business, government at all levels, law, and teaching.

Requirements for the major in Political Science
(all courses 3 credits unless noted)

  • POL 205 - Introduction to Political Science
  • POL 206 - Comparative Government
  • POL 315 - Introduction to International Relations
  • Research Component
    In consultation with the department chair, students must take one of the following:
    • HIS 401: Historiography Seminar
    • SOC/PSY 341: Research Methods I
    • MAT 118: Introduction to Statistics
  • PHI 320 - Political Philosophy
  • Political Science Electives (12 credits)
  • Electives from any department (48–62 credits)

Total credits for major: 27

The history and political science department offers a minor made up of 18 credits in political science. Students wishing to minor in political science should consult the department chair.

Special Requirements
QPA of 2.33 (C+) required in political science courses for the major

Learning Outcomes
Political Science majors will:

  • demonstrate the ability to identify and classify various types of political and economic systems operating in the contemporary world arena that reflect a broad, general knowledge about the roles and functions of government
  • apply the various patterns and tools of foreign policy as well as the various theories of decision-making to a political issue to demonstrate a broad knowledge of international politics
  • display a well-founded perspective on contemporary intra and intergovernmental issues and problems, both global and domestic
  • articulate a critical understanding of the political ideas, theories, and ideologies that brought governmental institutions into being and sustain their existence
  • identify, explain, and analyze the various methods and procedures used by the political system to meet the demands of their citizens with public policy
  • complete a written research project on a topic in political science, presented orally to peers, faculty members, and the Cabrini community, that demonstrates mastery of the subject matter, critical thinking, decision-making, and the synthetic and analytical skills appropriate for undergraduate major in political science