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Gender and Body Studies Minor

The Gender and Body Studies Minor intellectually grounds students in the texts, theoretical frameworks, and cultural influences that define the scholarly disciplines of Gender and Body Studies.  Students in this program will become versed in and apply feminist and gender theories as they examine the range of cultural practices and social influences that shape our perceptions of gender, sexuality, and bodies.

Through this reading and writing-intensive program, students will become shrewd interpreters of culture and distinctive communicators in oral and written form. Students who pursue this minor will become critical and creative thinkers who are well-prepared for a variety of careers and graduate study.

Students in this program will also be able to participate in the National Undergraduate Body Image Conference that is hosted biennially at Cabrini University.

Any student who wishes to declare a minor in Gender and Body Studies should see the Chair of the Department of Writing and the Narrative Arts.


Gender and Body Studies minors will:

  • demonstrate written and oral command of the Writing and the Narrative Arts language that reflects its potential as a communicative, persuasive, and creative medium
  • demonstrate information literacy skills to find, retrieve, evaluate, and present information relevant to an issue or problem, using appropriate attribution
  • demonstrate the intersections and distinctions between Gender Studies, Women’s Studies, and Body Studies, and articulate the major historical moments within these fields
  • analyze texts using a variety of theoretical perspectives and approaches related to gender, feminist, and queer theories
  • analyze how societal institutions and power structures impact human experience based on individual sex, gender, and body
  • articulate connections between international, national, and local issues related to Gender and Body Studies and their relationship to human rights and social justice

*all courses 3 credits unless otherwise noted 

  • WNA/GBS 253 - Bodies of Literature
  • WNA/GBS 250 - Introduction to Body Studies
  • WNA/GBS 338 - Feminist Theory and Gender Studies              

Elective Courses

  • (Select three courses in two different disciplines)
  • WNA/GBS 227 - Difficult Men: Masculinity and the Media
  • WNA/GBS  228 - Social Realism in Literature and the Media
  • WNA/GBS 290 - Literary Theory and Cultural Studies
  • WNA/GBS 325 - Queer Theory                                                                                                                
  • WNA/GBS 328 - Asian American Women Writers
  • WNA/GBS 329 - Women and Sexuality
  • H-WNA/GBS 330 - Theorizing Beauty In Literature and Culture
  • WNA/GBS 335 - Images of Women In Literature and Media
  • WNA/GBS 336 - African-American Women Writers          
  • WNA/GBS 338 Feminist Theory & Gender Studies
  • WNA/GBS 339 - Toni Morrison
  • WNA/GBS 341 - In My Body: The Beauty and Aesthetics of Body
  • WNA 201/301 - Special Topics In Literature (must be approved by the Writing and Narrative Arts Department Chair)
  • HIS 419 - Women and History
  • PHI 275 - Philosophy of Women
  • PSY 280 - Media Influences and Psychological Development
  • REL 311 - Women In Religion and Society
  • SOW 211 - Skin Deep: Exposing Values In Beauty Culture

Total credits for minor - 18