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Welcome to STEM-talks at Cabrini.  These talks provide a very good opportunity to our students to “see” what’s out there and hear about latest trends in research, career opportunities, etc. and get to know our faculty better outside of teaching.

Here faculty can volunteer to give a research or career talk or nominate somebody they know who will be interested in giving the talk. Please email mm12133@cabrini.edu for more information.

STEM Talks Spring 2023









February 15


Gifty Key, EdD

Cabrini University

Opioid Awareness and Overdose Reversal Training
(Certificate issued to those that attend)

IAD 108


March 8


Matthew F. Bonnan, Ph.D

Stockton University

Once Upon Deep Time

IAD 108


March 22


Autumn Dye, DO

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

A day in the life of a Pediatrician, How did I get here?



April 12


Melinda Harrison, PhD

Cabrini University

Bacteriophage Discovery and Lysin Experiments



April 19


Hai Nguyen, PhD

Office of the Secretary of Defense - Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications Future and Cross Cutting Integration

Science, Policy, and Leadership

IAD 108


2023 Events

A Science Department senior, Theodhora Qyshkollari, presented a poster titled “Development  of a flow cytometry method to investigate poly I:C stimulation in coelomocytes of Eisenia hortensis” on April 1 at Tri Beta District Convention meeting held at Penn State Schuylkill. Tri Beta (Beta Beta Beta) is the National Biological Honor Society, to which Theodhora is a member. She has been conducting her research in Dr. Sheryl Fuller-Espie's lab at Cabrini since August 2022. Theodhora is also the recipient of the 2022 Mrs. Anna C. Kruse Scholarship for Biology majors.

Pictured left to right: Dr. Fuller-Espie, Professor and Faculty Mentor and Theodhora Qyshkollari


2022 - Gold Crown Award For Student Work - Collegiate Recipient

Recently Dr. Amy Persichetti, Chair – Writing and Narrative Arts Department shared, “It is my pleasure to announce that Woodcrest Magazine has won a Gold Crown, Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s highest honor, for its 2020-2021 edition.  Student Keziah Landis and recent graduate Sofia Domingot were the issue editors. 

Dr. Bret Shepard was the faculty adviser for Woodcrest Magazine.  Please keep in mind that this was his first year teaching the class and his first edition as adviser and his first year at Cabrini—not to mention he did this remotely during a pandemic with two young children at home.  I’d say congratulations are in order!

Please take a read through this year’s winning issue. You can read it at Woodcrest Magazine.  I am especially impressed by the section “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” which highlights the disruptive potential of good writing and art and its ability to reflect life in all its diversity.”

2022 Events

Spring STEM Talks

Katherine France, University of Pennsylvania (from 2/5/2022) Dentistry at the crossroads of science, healthcare, and overall well-being (recording)

Alisha Campbell, Northwest Missouri State University (from 3/7/2022) Importance of Genomic Characterization for Uncultivated Microbes (recording)

Hossein Shahrtash, Cabrini University (from 4/19/2021) Who wants to be a millionaire? (recording)

2021 Events

Fall STEM Talks

Josephine Antwi, University of Mary Washington (from 9/28/2021)
Career path to teaching: Curious life of plants, bugs, and microbes (recording)

Emilie Guidez, University of Colorado Denver (from 10/19/2021)
Turning chalcogen and halogens bonds for co-crystal synthesis (recording)

Ruta Clair, PsyD, Cabrini University (from 11/9/2021)
Neuropsychology at the intersection: The biopsychosocial framework (recording)

2019 Events

April 6 - At the Experimental Biology 2019, a national conference, two Cabrini Biology majors presented their original research. The students were accompanied by their mentor, Dr. Joyce Belcher.

Pictured left to right Deanna Wyche and Klaudia Walewska.

March 29 - 6th Annual Pre-Dental Day at TU-Kornberg School of Dentistry. Six Cabrini pre-dental students attended this event where they were exposed to a "day in the life of a dental student."

Pictured left to right: Isabella Romani, Sonia Spadafora, Mason Bennetch, Adam Sayed, Marc Haddad and Daisy Morquecho

February 22 - Bi Annual Symposium, Convergence of Childhood Obesity and Hunger: Taking Action (Click here for more information.)


Pictured left to right: M. Denesowicz, Assistant to the Dean; R. Thompson, PhD, Dean-School of Arts and Sciences;
M. E. Hallion; A. Gairola, PhD - Assistant Professor