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Connect with Department Chairs

Department Chair Email Phone
Business Erin McLaughlin, PhD erin.m.mclaughlin@cabrini.edu 610.902.1019
Communication Dawn Francis, EdD


Computer and Information Sciences Daniel Wu, PhD ddw56@cabrini.edu 610.902.1081

Educational Policy and Leadership

Maria Schwab, EdD maria.m.schwab@cabrini.edu 610.902.8343
Educational Specialists Carolyn Berenato, PhD carolyn.l.berenato@cabrini.edu  610.902.1097
Writing and Narrative Arts
Amy Persichetti, PhD ad723@cabrini.edu 610.902.8378
Visual and Performing Arts Jeanne Komp jeanne.m.komp@cabrini.edu 610.902.8313 
Health and Exercise Sciences Anjuli Gairola, PhD anjuli.gairola@cabrini.edu 610.902.8332
History and Political Science Courtney Smith, PhD courtney.michelle.smith@cabrini.edu 610.902.8335
Leadership and Organization Development and Change Todd Matthews, PhD todd.l.matthews@cabrini.edu 610.902.8172
Mathematics John Brown, PhD john.brown@cabrini.edu 610.902.8468
Nursing Jennifer A. (Specht) Frey, PhD, RN jennifer.a.specht@cabrini.edu 610.902.8114
Psychology Melissa Terlecki, PhD melissa.s.terlecki@cabrini.edu 610.902.8358
Science Melinda A. Harrison, PhD melinda.a.harrison@cabrini.edu 610.902.8504
Social Work Laura Groves, PhD laura.c.groves@cabrini.edu  610.902.8357
Sociology and Criminology Vivian Smith, PhD vcsmith@cabrini.edu   610.902.8578
Teacher Education Thomas Conway, EdD thomas.r.conway@cabrini.edu 610.902.8328

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