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Research Posters

Research posters should: 

  1. Offer an abstract of no more than 300 words, summarizing methods and findings.
  2. Introduce the issues and problems studied.
  3. Describe any materials used in the study.
  4. Explicitly describe methods of analysis.
  5. State the results clearly and succinctly.
  6. Interpret results in a “Discussion” section.
  7. Describe future research possibilities.
  8. Acknowledge all participants.

Posters focusing on community partnerships should:

  1. Present the organization, its mission, and contact information.
  2. Introduce the issues the project is meant to address.
  3. Tell what you did to address the issue with your community partner.
  4. Describe the impact of the project on you (as a student, a partner, a citizen, perhaps even as a person of faith).
  5. Describe possible future issues the project enables your community partner to address.
  6. Acknowledge all participants.

Poster Templates and Samples

Poster Guidelines 

Posters should be designed as one large PowerPoint slide.

  • 36 inches high by 30 inches wide (portrait) or 30 inches high by 36 inches wide (landscape).
  • Margins should be one inch on all four sides.

Creating a File in Four Easy Steps

  1. Open a New PowerPoint File
    • Select File in the top toolbar and then New Presentation.
    • If this step displays a series of different templates, choose the one that is blank.  
  2. Remove Hidden Codes 
    • Place your cursor and click on the blank PowerPoint slide.
    • Press Delete to remove any hidden codes embedded in the document.  
  3. Select File and then Page Setup.  
  4. Enter Poster Dimensions (30"x36 inches for Portrait or 36"x30" for Landscape).


  • Mac Users: From the Format menu, select Align and then Center.  
  • PC Users: From the Drawing Toolbar, select Align, then Relative to Slide, then Align Middle, then Align Center.

This should give you a workable space of approximately 34 x 28 inches.

Use a three-column or five-column layout (if necessary, a two- or four-column design).

Use the Rectangle command to draw a rectangle:

  1. Select the Drawing toolbar, then double-click the rectangle form.  
  2. Enter the height of 34 inches (portrait orientation) or 28 inches (landscape orientation).  
  3. Check “Lock Aspect Ratio” in Dialog Box.

If you want to create a border, select (background) Color, and change the rectangle Fill to the color white with 100% transparency.  

  1. Use the Insert command to insert text boxes, photos, graphics, etc.
  2. When inserting pictures, keep the resolution high for minimal pixilation and clearest resolution.
    • Remember that your picture will be significantly larger on the poster. 
    • We recommend at least a 150-dpi resolution. 
  3. When inserting content, start with a three-column format, filling in the upper left-hand corner and moving down the column until it is filled. Then move to filling in the other columns.

The Symposium logo should be placed in the upper right corner.

  • Symposium Logo- JPG Coming soon (Right-click and Save As)
  • Insert into PowerPoint. 
  • If resizing, pull from corner anchors, not sides, to keep proportions.

All posters should include the following information, centered at the top:

  1. Project Title
  2. Author’s Full Name
  3. Author’s Departmental Affiliation
  4. Author’s Cabrini Email
  5. Name and Date of Event

All posters should acknowledge the faculty sponsor and course.

Poster Printing