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NLI Leaders in the Field

Kimberley Lewis
Dean, University Admission, Financial Assistance, and Marketing

Nominated by George Walter

During my nearly two years working with Kimberley, I have consistently witnessed her dedication to being collaborative with work in the Admissions Office, the Enrollment Management Division, as well as with the entire Cabrini Community.  She has worked to earn the trust of our faculty colleagues and to impress upon them that our objective is to include working with them to ensure that the University’s enrollment goals are met. Although I believe that she embodies all of the NLI leadership qualities listed, collaboration is the one that I believe is the most prominent.

Jennifer (Specht) Frey, PhD, RN
Founding Director, Nursing Program

Nominated by Andrew Pron, EdD

Jen headshot

Jennifer (Specht) Frey, PhD, RN, has more than 15 years of academic nursing education experience, as well as nursing leadership and administrative experience. She is focused on answering the call for nursing leaders to integrate health equity, the care of vulnerable and underserved populations, and interprofessional collaboration into nursing curricula.

Dr. (Specht) Frey has been working with our first cohort of nursing students and she displays many characteristics within the social change model. Recently, she shared a blog entry entitled “Hope Through a Nurse’s Eyes” where she talks about the emotions of being a nurse during a pandemic. She shared the New York Times video with her students and colleagues which offers insight into what being a nurse right now means. It highlights many of the aspects of nursing that exist outside of the Covid crisis, but are especially meaningful in these times. Nurses are highly skilled professionals that can manage the most critically ill with dignity, compassion, and empathy.  

Dr. (Specht) Frey embodies leadership and I am proud that she is the NLI Leader in the Field for the month of March. 

James Hedtke, PhD
Professor, History and Political Science

Nominated by Sam Ullmanheadshot

Dr. Hedtke has taught me for four straight semesters (soon to be five) and a summer/winter course. This man is a champion of teaching political science. Nobody deserves this award and praise more than he does, year after year, course after course.



Laura Chisholm, EdD
Executive Director of Grants and Foundation Relations

Nominated by Sherrise Rowe

Laura Chisholm is a Servant-Leader that builds relationships, embraces diversity, and is the creator of a culture of collaboration. She is a Servant-Leader who compassionately collaborates; Invites and rewards the contribution of others. Laura compassionately collaborates while being aware of the importance of developing a positive rapport with diverse people, acknowledging cultural difference, and values a variety of backgrounds. Overall, Laura is a leader who knows it is the way to harmony.

headshotRachel Hetrick

Nominated by Scott Gavin-Wisniewski

Rachel fits the mold of several different leadership models. A community volunteer, a lead by example, selfless cheerleader who motivates our team by developing trust and demonstrating vulnerability. Someone that everyone on the team can rally around and emulate. Rowing can be a difficult sport to lead because of its intense demand for unity, Rachel promotes that with her heart, her mind, and her actions.