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IRB Committee

The Cabrini Institutional Review Board (IRB) has thirteen voting members/alternates with varying professional and academic backgrounds to promote complete and adequate review of research activities commonly conducted by members of the institution.

Specifically, the purpose of the Institutional Review Board is to determine whether:

  • procedures of proposed research are ethical
  • risk to subjects are reasonable in relation to expected benefits
  • selection of subjects is equitable
  • informed consent is sought
  • research plan makes adequate provision for monitoring data collected so as to ensure safety of subjects, protection of privacy, and the confidentiality of data
  • appropriate safeguards are included to protect the rights and welfare of subjects
  • research studies have safeguards to protect the safety of the campus community

The IRB Committee includes the following members (excluding the chair and co-chair):

  • the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her designee
  • at least one person of relevant professional competence not currently affiliated with Cabrini 
    • This person could be either a physician, member of the clergy, or a lawyer.
    • The committee suggests that this person be a lawyer out of liability issues related to research involving human subjects.
  • faculty person with research interests in the natural sciences
  • one faculty person with research interests in the social sciences
  • one faculty person with research interests in non-scientific areas (e.g., the law, humanities, and/or the arts)
  • one at-large faculty member

IRB members need to be sufficiently qualified through experience and expertise to promote respect for their advice and counsel in protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects.

If a board member abstains from reviewing a research proposal because of a perceived conflict of interest, an alternate member will be chosen by the IRB to temporarily serve on the board during the review of this proposal.

  • The Committee also may choose to invite other people with relevant expertise to participate in its deliberations.
  • IRB Committee members must be appointed by the Cabrini President and approved by the Board of Trustees.

IRB Committee Members

  • Todd Matthews, PhD, Chair
  • Ruta Clair, PsyD, Co-Chair and HSS-Social Sciences Representative
  • Chioma Ugochukwu, PhD, Provost and VPAA
  • Lyn Berenato, EdD, Graduate Studies Representative
  • VACANT, BAM Representative
  • Amy Hoyle, PhD, Education Representative
  • Paul Wright, PhD, HSS-Humanities Representative
  • Carolyn Nielsen, PhD, NSAH Representative
  • Bethany Van Brown, PhD, Graduate Studies Representative-Alternate
  • Celia Szelwach, PhD, BAM Representative-Alternate
  • Michelle Szpara, PhD, Education Representative-Alternate
  • Jenn Bulcock, PhD, HSS-Humanities Representative-Alternate
  • Katie Farina, PhD, HSS-Social Sciences Representative-Alternate
  • David Madway, MBA, MEd, NSAH Representative-Alternate
  • Stacy McDonald, External Member-Holy Family University

IRB Committee Co-Chairs

The Co-Chairs of the Institutional Review Board Committee:

  • Performs duties normally associated with chairpersonships, including procedes, budget, scheduling meetings, notification of members, maintenance of files, minutes, etc.
  • Upon receipt of a proposal, decides which type of review is necessary (exempt, expedited, or full review)
  • Provides notification of exemption, which takes place within 14 working days of receiving the proposal
  • Provides expedited reviews or delegates to another IRB member by the chair
  • Conducts the full review IRB meetings where a quorum must be present
  • Contacts other Institutional Review Boards if the research will be conducted partially at another facility or if additional professional expertise is needed
  • Is responsible for annual update and review of the decision charts and criteria for three categories of review
  • On an annual basis, provides a summary of all IRB proposals approved during that academic year and forwards them to the President or Chief Academic Officer
  • Maintains an active liaison role between the Committee and the other organizational constituencies such as College Council, Faculty Senate, and individual departments
  • Provides leadership, encouragement, and facilitation for the IRB to carry out its charge
  • Maintains IRB membership records and conducts elections when necessary

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