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Faculty Learning Common Resources

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CRS Guide to Study Abroad

Faculty Development

Careers in International Development

Internationalization 2018 Faculty Development 

Articles on Brexit

Brexit:  All You Need to Know about the UK Leaving the EU

Military Ties Between Britain and France will not be Shaken by Brexit

Michel Barnier to meet David Davis in London

When Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling

Northern Ireland will stay in single market after Brexit, EU says

British company drops bid to make blue passports

The fight over a customs union is a proxy for a bigger Brexit battle

Brexiteers tell Theresa May to drop customs partnership plan

Brexit: Theresa May requests 'revised' customs proposals


Articles on Cryptocurrency

China Orders Banks to Stop Financing Cryptocurrencies as Noose Tightens around Disrupter

US Warns Investors to Avoid Venezuela's "Petro" Cryptocurrency

The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies Markets are Tanking after News of Shutdown in South Korea

Now you can buy cryptocurrency mining rigs in a Singapore shopping mall

Energy riches fuel bitcoin craze for speculation-shy Iceland

Venezuela about to pre-sell ‘petro’ cryptocurrency, and other countries could follow

What Bitcoin Is Really Worth May No Longer Be Such a Mystery

How to regulate crypto

Articles on Interfaith Issues

Rohingya Refugee Leaders Issue Demands Before Repatriation

UN Chief and Rights Groups Raise Concern over Rohingya Deal 

Rohingya crisis: US diplomat quits advisory panel

Catholic Bishop Taken Into Custody in China

Rohingya crisis: Myanmar says first refugee family returns

Rape cases spark political protest movement in India

Mali Tuaregs killed in 'jihadist revenge' attacks

Articles on Peace and Conflict

Jordan Urges Pence to 'rebuild trust' after Jerusalem Pivot

Pence says US Embassy to move to Jerusalem by end of 2019

Turkish Attack in Northern Syria Threatens to Ignite Broader Conflict

A bitter rivalry between Arab states is spilling into Africa

South Sudan ceasefire body says leaders breaking peace deal could face sanctions

UN hosts 'last hope' Syria peace talks in Vienna

With Turkish Military Invasion, the Americans Are Once Again Trapped in Syria

Catalonia's Puigdemont denies giving up after 'defeat' texts

Russia says hundreds killed in Turkish operation in Syria's Afrin: Ifax

Kurdish militant attacks near Iraq border kill three Turkish soldiers: army

Exclusive: U.S. to impose arms embargo on South Sudan to end conflict - sources

Turkey Orders 13 Detained for Online opposition to Syria Offensive

Erdogan slams US 'support for Kurdish YPG fighters'

'War crimes on epic scale:' 250 deaths in two days in Syria's Eastern Ghouta

How Syria’s Kurds are trying to create a democracy

Israeli forces kill 16 Palestinians in Gaza border protests: Gaza medics

Israel destroys 'longest and deepest' Gaza tunnel

Nikki Haley says more sanctions against Russia coming as soon as Monday

Turkey's Erdogan says discussed steps for peace in Syria with Putin, Trump

More than 200 child soldiers freed in South Sudan

Basque group Eta apologises to victims ahead of dissolution

Scores killed in three days of Yemen airstrikes

Nigerian army says it has freed 1,000 Boko Haram captives

Articles on Immigration

The immigration negotiations Congress just gave itself 3 weeks to do, explained

Four migrants in critical condition after Calais brawl

Theresa May apologizes for treatment of Windrush immigrants

Judge orders reopening of DACA, after 90-day delay

Migrants who traveled with caravan vow to wait at border until they are granted asylum

Should assimilation be a requirement for citizenship?

Articles on Globalization

Indian PM Modi defends globalization at Davos summit

The Donald versus Davos Man

Asia is taking the lead in promoting free trade

Trump Slaps Tariffs On Imported Solar Panels And Washing Machines

US President Donald Trump declares 'America open for business' at Davos summit

Theresa May’s awkward Chinese visit shows Britain’s weakened clout

Turkey says it’s met EU criteria for visa-free travel to EU

The FBI, CIA and NSA say American citizens shouldn't use Huawei phones

What on earth is the CPTPP?

Singapore ‘world’s most expensive city’ for fifth year in a row, survey says

America should borrow from Europe’s data-privacy law

Indonesia considers joining TPP-11

A study finds nearly half of jobs are vulnerable to automation

Africa’s big carbon emitters admit they have a problem

Chinese firm featured in government-backed propaganda film accused of labour rights abuses

EU warns protectionism 'biggest risk' to eurozone growth

Articles on Trade

EU to review Apple's reported $400m purchase of music app Shazam

EU races against the clock to seal beef-for-cars trade deal

Boosting ties with ‘good neighbours’ in Asean top priority, Chinese defence minister says

China’s trade gap with US narrows, but Trump unlikely to be impressed

U.S. could ban imports of Venezuelan crude oil

Japan's steel industry urges Trump to make careful trade decision

Trump's tariffs may anger China and here's how they may retaliate

Trump steel tariffs: Trade wars are good, says Trump

Europe digs in to fight global trade war against Trump

US metal tariffs: Mexico and Canada may be exempt

Donald Trump imposes levies on metal imports

In fundraising speech, Trump says he made up trade claim in meeting with Justin Trudeau

American corporations come out against Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs

Africa Set to Agree $3 Trillion Trade Bloc, Without Key Economy

China plans to hit US with tariffs following Trump trade sanctions

Donald Trump closes his first trade deal … ‘horrible’ South Korea agreement renegotiated after US president threatened to kill it

Majority of Canadians think U.S.-Canada trade war likely: Nanos survey

Trump threatens China with new $100 Billion tarriffs

White House tries to pull NAFTA back from brink as deadline looms

Mexico and EU reach new trade deal


Articles on International Finance

India Is Facing a Risky Cash Crunch

Juncker urges eurozone to honour Greek debt relief pledge

A basic income really could end poverty forever


Articles on Corruption

Brazil ex-leader Lula's future on a knife edge

South African enquiry can investigate Guptas in fresh blow to Zuma

Brazilian court upholds corruption conviction for ex-president Lula

Court hands Vietnam oil official another life sentence for corruption

Ugandans suspended over 'refugee scam'

Israeli police find 'sufficient evidence' to indict Benjamin Netanyahu

Guatemala Arrests Ex-President in Corruption Case

Xi Jinping’s anti-graft drive has caught so many officials that Beijing’s elite prison is running out of cells

Brazil's top court rules that ex-president Lula can be jailed

South Africa ex-President Jacob Zuma charged with corruption

Articles on International Human Rights 

Democracy 'lost': Rights groups warn of more violence in Honduras as US recognizes president

 Iranian women take off headscarves to protest veil law

 German police raids target international human trafficking ring

China commends Theresa May for 'sidestepping' human rights

Tehran hijab protest: Iranian police arrest 29 women

Philippines' War on Drugs

Brazil police arrest sect members for enslavement

Human smugglers in Libya have links to security services: U.N. report

Philippines drugs war: ICC announces initial inquiry into killings

Rohingya crisis: Reuters journalists held 'for investigating Myanmar killings'

Duterte makes lewd threat to female rebels in Philippines

Erdogan's war on education: The exodus of Turkey's teachers

Turkish-American NASA scientist sentenced to 7.5 years in prison

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi stripped of human rights award

Erdogan is transforming Turkey into a totalitarian prison

Sick Venezuelans Flee to Colombia as Refugee Crisis Worsens

Philippines to withdraw from International Criminal Court

Huge rally in Barcelona to demand jailed separatists go free

One Palestinian killed, 700 injured in Gaza on third Friday of protests

Gabon returns three suspects to Turkey over Gulen links, Erdogan says

Video shows Israeli sniper shooting Palestinian as soldiers celebrate

Pakistan’s Leading Watchdog Slams Country Over Poor Rights Record

Italian officials and German firm face legal action over Saudi arms sales

For Faulting a Chinese Tonic, He Got 3 Months in Jail. Then Cheers.

Rodrigo Duterte, Who Bristles at Foreign Critics, Has Begun Deporting Them

Thailand detains Cambodian opposition leader, Human Rights Watch says

A Turkish court convicted 13 employees of Cumhuriyet, Turkey’s oldest independent newspaper

Second journalist covering Gaza rally killed by Israeli forces

Israel: Arms embargo needed as military unlawfully kills and maims Gaza protesters

Israeli military kills three Palestinians along Gaza Strip border

Fears of more deaths in Gaza as Israel's actions condemned

 Articles on International Natural Disasters

Search for missing in Taiwan after earthquake topples buildings

Articles on International Politics

Few Challengers in Sight, Venezuela Sets April 22 for Presidential Vote

India, China vie for influence as crisis unfolds in Maldives

Cyril Ramaphosa confirmed as South Africa's President after Zuma quits

China’s Censors Ban Winnie the Pooh and the Letter ‘N’ After Xi’s Power Grab

Murmurings of Dissent Upset China’s Script for Xi’s Power Grab

Trump and Juncker under fire for hailing Putin election victory

Jews, Arabs nearing population parity in Holy Land: Israeli officials

President Trump Signs Proclamation To Send National Guard Troops To Mexican Border

Djukanovic vows EU path after sweeping Montenegro vote

Far-right Austrian: Let’s fire reporters who ‘don’t behave

Forcing employers to reveal their gender pay gaps is making them think

Britain aims to close Gender pay gap with transparency and shame

Senegal’s innovative approach to prostitution

Nigeria's President Buhari will meet Trump in Washington

Cuba bids goodbye to the revolutionary generation

Cuba's National Assembly nominates Miguel Diaz-Canel to succeed Raul Castro as president

Trump of the tropics: the 'dangerous' candidate leading Brazil's presidential race

South Africa's Ramaphosa cuts short Britain trip to deal with protests at home

Turkish lawmakers switch parties in challenge to Erdogan

Armenian Prime Minister resigns after protests

Protesters demand resignation of Nicaraguan president after unrest

Turkey opposition names rival to Erdogan for June election

Erdoğan vows fresh military action against Kurdish militants

Articles on Gender Inequality

The Top Jobs Where Women AreOutnumbered by Men Named John

Princess Charlotte Makes History As Her New Baby Brother Is Born

Articles on Refugees

Spain rescues 476 migrants crossing Mediterranean Sea


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