History & Political Science Resources

History & Political Science specific databases

CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher provides in depth coverage of current events and issues. Original reports are searchable or browsable by topic or date. Other features include an issue tracker; this provides links to a series of reports on a single topic, including reports from the CQR Archive that date back to the early 1900s. The pro/con feature provides opinions from two experts on a given issue and displays them side-by-side for easy comparison.


JSTOR is a multidisciplinary database that aims to make the archives of scholarly work from all disciplines accessible. It is a good place to start your research; your search results will most likely contain materials from sources you wouldn't have thought to search on your own. Using the advanced search option to limit your results is especially important in JSTOR as it is a multilingual database. You can also limit your search by subject or journal title.

Lexis-Nexis Academic

LexisNexis is your gateway to just about any news service you can think of. It provides access, in full text, to major US and world publications (including non-English), news wires, tv and radio broadcasts, legal publications, SEC filings, company reports and web publications and blogs from trusted news sources.

Military & Government Collection

Military and Government Collection offers current news about all branches of the military and the US government, including intelligence agencies. Citations and abstracts are available for the leading academic journals and other periodicals in the field with links to the full text of many articles. This database can be searched in conjunction with Academic Search Premier and other databases by clicking "Choose Databases."

History & Political Science reference ebooks

21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook

21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook highlights the most important political science topics, issues, questions, and debates in the 21st Century. Includes basic institutions of government, political ideologies and cultures, public opinion, political parties and elections, political communication, political economy, international relations and institutions.

American Civil War Reference Library

American Civil War Reference Library offers comprehensive and wide ranging research options on this compelling era of American history. Material in each of the three titles has been reviewed by an independent advisory board for its curriculum relevance and its accessibility to students in grades 6-12.

American Home Front in World War II

American Home Front in WW II examines the effect of World War II on people living in America. The Almanac discusses major events on the home front, including the changing role of women, Civil Defense and the draft. Biographies highlights 26 key figures, such as John L. Lewis, J. Robert Oppenheimer and others. Primary Sources includes primary material from a variety of sources, including speeches, documents and other material.

Congress and the Nation

This database allows you to search or browse by topic the eleven volumes of Congress and the Nation. Congressional decisions, trends and documents dating back to 1945 are included and explained.

Encyclopedia of the New American Nation

A three-volume survey of the formative years of the United States, starting just prior to the American Revolution and ending with the inauguration of Andrew Jackson in 1829. Presents 671 alphabetically arranged entries focusing on the major political markers and milestones, as well as the art, music, literature and daily life, of this period. For secondary and college students, researchers, and general readers.

Historic Documents

This online version of the Historic Documents series is searchable and browsable by topic or title. It includes the important documents of each year since 1972 including presidential speeches, Supreme Court decisions, scientific findings and international agreements. Each document in this collection is prefaced with an added overview of the historical and intellectual context for the document; the document itself appears unchanged.

General/related databases

Academic Search Complete

This multidisciplinary database is a good place to start your research. For extra search capabilities, click "Choose Databases" and select more subject specific databases to simultaneously search.


Statisa is a statistics portal that provides data on over 80,000 topics from more than 10,000 different sources including agriculture, advertising, health, hospitality, and consumer goods. The content is geared towards business and marketing statistical needs, with a focus on current (not historical) statistics. Ready made tables are available for downloading.


Use WorldCat to find books about a research topic that are not available at Holy Spirit Library. Search by title or author if you are looking for something specific, or search by keyword or subject to find something new. Click "Borrow this item from another library" to request a book from another library.

History & Political Science websites

The Cabinet Papers, 1915-1977

This site, from the United Kingdom National Archives, gives searchable and browsable (by theme) access to historical cabinet papers.

Digital History

This site aims to provide access to teaching materials and information sources about the quickly emerging academic field of Digital History. Lectures, essays, interviews, bibliographies and more are provided.


This website, provided by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, provides up-to-date and verified information about national elections around the world. Information including that about political parties and candidates, electoral structures, and election results is provided.

IDEA: International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance supports sustainable democracy worldwide. Their website provides information about electoral processes, political parties, constitution building and more.

International Security Resources.com

Richard Horowitz, Esq., whose writing has appeared in the Encyclopedia of Terrorism, maintains this page of links to information and government documents and statements regarding national security.

National Archives and Records Administration

The official website for the National Archives, this website categorizes their materials by what audience they will be useful for: family historians, veterans, educators and students, researchers, and more. Information about the Archives in general and Presidential Libraries is also provided.