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Software Policies

Software Procurement and Support Policy

Computer applications for instructional use are to be selected, deployed, and used in a manner that adheres to the College's security and acceptable use policies while supporting student learning and research. College faculty, staff and ITR share responsibility for procurement, deployment and support for mutually agreed upon applications.

Cabrini ITR works to ensure pre-deployment discussions in which all parties agree that the applications supports academic goals and objectives, while ensuring hardware and software compatibility, functionality, accessibility, security, and value.

Faculty and Staff must contact ITR prior to purchasing any software that is to be installed on Cabrini owned equipment. New software and hardware installations must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Information Resources and Technology.

Occasionally software requests will require that a Project Request Form be filled out. These forms assist with defining project requirements and expectations as part of the project planning process. A Project Request Form is generally required for projects needing additional cooperation and resources beyond the normal scope of installing a program.

More information about software requests and the Project Request Form can be found in our Software Request Policies.

Administrative Rights Policy


Limiting rights on computer systems is a proven method for securing networks and mitigating risk. There are instances where elevated rights are necessary and this policy will address the methods of securing those rights.


This policy applies to all employees of Cabrini College and information technology machines owned by Cabrini College.

Statement of Policy

Administrative rights on a local machine shall be granted through process described below. Need for updates or software installations are not criteria, those will be handled by the ITR department.

Criteria (all must be fulfilled)

  • One of these:
    • The user must utilize a work-related application that requires administrative privileges to operate.
    • The user often works off-campus with a laptop computer.
  • The department chair or Dean must submit approval; described below.
  • The Director of ITR approves the action in consultation with the applicable Dean.
  • Individual must sign the Administrative Rights Option and Responsibility Agreement.

Administrative rights on a local machine are subject to removal without notice.


To request local administrative rights: