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Hardware Support Policy

ITR’s primary goal is to support student connections to the Cabrini College network and thereby to the Internet, and as such provide assistance with network-related difficulties. Virus-related issues are also supported by the department, with limitations.

ITR staff does not support or repair personally owned computers as part of their duties. Hardware and software issues resultant from manufacturing flaws, equipment age, damage caused by misuse, operating system corruption, or hardware incompatibilities with the system are not included in this support.

ITR can provide assistance to personal computing problems in the form of offering suggestions over the phone or in the ITR office. Under no circumstances will ITR staff visit resident hall rooms except for problems related to the Cabrini network and Internet connectivity. ITR recommends that all Cabrini students purchase a 3 to 4 year warranty at the time of initial purchase for one's computer. When problems occur, it is the individual’s responsibility to contact the dealer or manufacturer of his/her hardware or software product. Students can also take problematic computers to a service window at an authorized computer repair shop for servicing.