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Residence Hall Network Jack Repair Policy

Before the start of the school year, ITR with assistance from Residence Life inspects all residential housing (residence halls, houses, apartments, etc.) to ensure that each room has the necessary amount of networks jacks for the number of students staying in the room. We also inspect the condition of these jacks and make note of the repairs that need be made. When the beginning of the school year starts, it is assumed that all necessary jacks are in place and ready for use.

In certain cases jack repairs need be made after students move in. It is possible that a jack in a room is overlooked during initial inspection and an additional network jack is needed. In such cases ITR will assume responsibility for the install and or repair and cover the charges. Effective with this policy, students in the residence halls will be given a two weeks period from when the term starts to report network jacks issues to ITR.

Once Cabrini College is two weeks into the start of the term ITR will assume that all network jack problems have been reported. If a student damages a jack from moving furniture or the jack becomes damaged for any other reason, ITR will not pay for a replacement. If there is one less network jack in a room than needed, the student without a jack must report this to ITR within the two week period, to receive timely action. Repair charges are always subject to the specific situation and amount of damage in each individual case.