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Mass Mailing Distribution Lists

Mailing List Email Addresses (Target Audiences) and Procedures

There are two types of dynamic listservs: Announce and Official. Announce emails are not released until the evening, while official emails go out within 15 minutes and should be used only for urgent, important announcements.

After the initial submission of your email, a message is returned requiring your approval. Simply click on the link in the message and your email will be released through listserv. Once a message has been approved, it typically cannot be retracted. If it is an official listserv (for urgent important announcements), it will be delivered in approximately 15 minutes or less. If it is an announce listserv, it will be delivered that evening.

A limited number of administrative departments have the capability of sending mass mailings to these lists. Typically a dean, director or vice president requests specific mailing lists for their employees to have access to, rather than all of the lists (for instance, all announce faculty and staff listservs is one common choice).

Announce Lists (released in the evening, for most announcements)

  • All Community Members Announcement -
    • All Faculty/Staff Announcement -
      • All Staff Announcement -
        • Full Time Staff Announcement -
        • Non-Temporary Staff Announcement -
      • All Faculty Announcement -
        • Full Time Faculty Announcement -
        • Adjunct Faculty Announcement -
    • All Students Announcement -
      • Undergraduates Announcement -
        • Freshmen Announcement -
        • Sophomores Announcement -
        • Juniors Announcement -
        • Seniors Announcement -
      • Non-matriculated Students Announcement -
      • Certificate Students Announcement -
      • Masters Students Announcement -

Official Lists (released immediately, for urgent and critical announcements only)

  • All Community Members Official Notice -
    • All Faculty/Staff Official Notice -
      • All Staff Official Notice -
        • Full Time Staff Official Notice -
        • Non-Temporary Staff Official Notice -
      • All Faculty Official Notice -
        • Full Time Faculty Official Notice -
        • Adjunct Faculty Official Notice -
    • All Students Official Notice -
      • Undergraduates Official Notice -
        • Freshmen Official Notice -
        • Sophomores Official Notice -
        • Juniors Official Notice -
        • Seniors Official Notice -
      • Non-matriculated Students Official Notice -
      • Certificate Students Official Notice -
      • Masters Students Official Notice -

Submission of Mass Mailing Requests to ITR

Mass mail requests require the approval of a Dean, Director, Vice President or President of Cabrini College.

Send the following to


Please visit the Email Policies page for more information.