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Cabrini College ITR

Information Technology and Resources (ITR) Student Newsletter

Welcome to Cabrini!

The Information Technology and Resources (ITR) Department is here to assist you with your technology needs throughout your college experience.

Student IT Help Wanted!

Do you have an interest in computers/technology? If so you may be just the person we are looking for!

Learn how to assist students, faculty, and staff with computer issues by phone and in person and gain valuable work experience in information technology. Develop skills regarding audio/visual equipment, computer hardware, computer software, help desk ticket systems, and more.

If interested please email your resume to, or drop one off at the ITR office.

We encourage you to visit our website,, for additional information, which includes a checklist that you can follow to ensure you're all set for the fall semester.

Register for Internet

Each semester upon arrival, all resident students must register their dorm room jacks before registering for wireless access. This process requires an CAT5e Ethernet cable, which you can buy at a computer/office supply store or at the Cabrini Bookstore. Some laptops do not come with an ethernet port, so you may need to purchase a portable one. Mac laptops do not come with an Ethernet adapter or a cable, so consider purchasing an Ethernet adapter at the Apple Store® as well as an Ethernet cable.

Please note: For wireless on campus, use the "Cabrini wireless network"; do NOT use the guest wireless, as it does not provide the access you need and is for guest use only.

Required Antivirus Software

Cabrini College offers you a full, unrestricted version of System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) for free. There is no need to purchase your own Antivirus software. Up-to-date antivirus software is required for both Macs and PCs in order to access the internet on-campus. Visit our website to download and install SCEP.

Domain Password Expiration Email Reminders

You have two passwords at Cabrini - your Domain password (for library databases and computers on-campus) and your CabriniOne password (for CabriniOne, CabriniVision, Cabrini Learn and email). Your Domain password expires every three months. Shortly beforehand, you will be sent an email that provides instructions on how you can reset it to a new password.

For more information, please go to and click the Password Resets link.

Protect your Laptop

Here are some suggestions on keeping your laptop safe:

  • Make an extra copy of your purchase receipt and the serial number of the laptop; keep them in two separate safe places.
  • Print your contact information onto labels and place on your laptop and on your laptop bag.
  • Never leave your laptop unattended; especially in a public place or an unsecured dorm room.
  • Protect your laptop in your room using a cable lock, or other locked storage.
  • Don't leave your laptop in open view in your car.
  • Back up irreplacable data every day.
  • Purchase anti-theft software like Lo-Jack.

Use your Personal Network Storage Drive

You have a personal network storage drive (sometimes referred to as an H drive) that is backed up daily by ITR. We recommend saving important files to this drive so you can access them easily anywhere. Do not save files locally on classroom or library computers, as the contents of those computers are deleted on a regular basis.

For instructions on accessing your H drive on Cabrini-owned computers and on your own personal computer, please see our Shared Network Storage page.

The 15-Minute Rule

Remember this good rule of thumb: If you aren't making headway in solving a technical issue and 15 minutes have passed - stop, and call the Help Desk. We are here to help you.

Cabrini ITR Help Desk Contact Information

The Help Desk may be contacted by calling 610-902-8366 or by emailing You are also welcome to stop by the Help Desk in Founder's Hall, Room 108.

Our current hours of operation are always available on our website:

Cabrini ITR
Phone: 610-902-8366
Walk-in: Founder's Hall 108
Regular Hours:
Monday—Thursday: 8am—9pm
Friday: 8am—5pm
Saturday: 9am—3pm
Summer Hours:
Monday—Friday: 8am—5pm
Closed Weekends