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Cabrini College ITR

ITR Summer 2013 Student Newsletter

Cabrini Password Reset Service Update

ITR has updated the Password Reset Service in the Computer Accounts Management Service (CAMS), which is the website Cabrini account holders use to reset their passwords. The update includes improved security and easier password resets.

If you forgot your password, simply click the Help link at Computer Accounts Management Service (CAMS). The updated Password Reset Service will require a security question and answer. If you do not have one, you will be prompted to create one.

For further instructions on setting up or using the password reset service, please see the Password Help page on our website,

Removing Files from your H-Drive and Public Computers

Before you leave campus this spring, make sure to retrieve your files from Cabrini systems so they are preserved. Public lab machines are erased every summer, as well as the network drives of graduating students.

To retrieve H drive files: If you have a personal USB flash drive, you can log into a Cabrini computer and copy your H drive files to the drive. Off-campus, you can use Filezilla to access your H drive files and copy them to your local computer. For instructions, visit (requires Adobe Reader to view).

Hang onto Ethernet Cords

Want to save some money? Be green: Save your Ethernet cord instead of having to buy a new one next year! At the end of this semester, bring your Ethernet cords home safe and sound. Remember, you used your Ethernet cord to register your computer for the wired internet in your dorm room; it will be needed again when you return to Cabrini in the fall.

Keep Your Personal Information Secure

ITR at Cabrini College will never ask you to email or send any personal information to us. This includes passwords, social security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and any other information that can identify you. It is not good practice to send any of this information in an email to anyone. If your ID and password end up in the hands of the wrong person, your account can become a relay for sending out more spam. They may also try to use your credentials on other websites that may contain sensitive data. Identity theft is very real and can happen to anyone. Please keep your personal information in a secure place where only you have access to it.

Below are some suggestions that will help protect you and keep your information safe:

  • Never reply, open attachments, or click links in emails from senders you do not know or emails that look suspicious.
  • Never open links or PDF files in websites you do not trust.
  • Never reply to messages asking for user names, passwords, credit card information or the like.
  • Be wary of emails from known sources that seem out of context.

Paper Policy

Students may print up to 350 black and white pages (i.e. $35 at 10 cents a page) every six months or less free-of-charge.

If you buy extra paper near the end of a semester, it will remain with you until graduation to use in addition to any free paper allotments. You are able track printing usage and transaction histories at

If you are graduating this term, please use your allotted pages before graduation.

After reaching the limit of 350 free copies, students may pay for more paper at

Save Email Attachments Before Making Edits

When you open an attachment from your email, such as a Word Document, it may be a good idea to save the document directly to your computer, rather than just opening it first. That way, if you make any changes to your document, they are preserved. Not saving an attachment before editing it risks the possibility of your changes not being preserved, due to it being stored in a temporary folder that you cannot access.

A good place to save your documents is your H-Drive, which is backed up automatically by ITR. You can find information about here:

The 15-Minute Rule

Remember this good rule of thumb: If you are spending too much time trying to solve a technical issue and 15 minutes have passed--stop and call the Help Desk. We are here to help you.

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