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Accounts Policy


All faculty, staff and students are required to have two accounts: both a CabriniOne account and a Cabrini domain account. The CabriniOne account provides access to regular Cabrini email and other systems, while the domain account provides access to network resources.

This policy applies to all members of the Cabrini College community: full-time and part-time faculty, staff, students and non-employee associates.

Common Accounts

CabriniOne Account

The CabriniOne account is used for regular email (, Cabrini Learn (, the Computer Accounts Management Service (, and CabriniOne, the campus portal, which includes links to student and employee services, such as schedules, grades and finances. Certain employees also use their CabriniOne account password for their Hyperion accounts (

Domain Account

The Cabrini Domain account is used for login access to all Cabrini computers on-campus, their printing capabilities, one’s individual and shared network storage, and various online systems, including the library databases and Microsoft Exchange email accounts for certain employees.

Add-On Accounts (by request)

Certain faculty and staff may also receive a Microsoft Exchange email account or other business application accounts, such as Banner, Hyperion, WebFinance or WebSalary accounts.


All full and part-time faculty, staff, students and non-employee associates are required to:

  1. Activate their Cabrini domain and email accounts at the time they join the College
  2. Never share their account passwords with anyone, including friends, students, family, faculty or staff
  3. Regularly check their incoming Cabrini College email
  4. Maintain their College email account in working order (including compliance with the Cabrini College Communications Systems User Policy)
  5. Appropriately manage disk space usage (including but not limited to email and network storage) and email forwarding.

Please see the Activating Your First Accounts page and the Email Policies page for more information. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions section below for common issues regarding Cabrini accounts.

For special assistance with activating or managing your accounts, contact the ITR Help Desk at or call 610-902-8366.

Process for New Employee Account Activation

  1. Once Human Resources receives the contract, they input the new employee's information into Banner.
  2. At 7pm or 7am (whichever comes first), the new employee can activate their new accounts.
  3. Once the employee has picked up his or her accounts, ITR can begin the process of requesting mapped drive (shared network storage) access (including departmental drive folders and interdepartmental drive folders), special access to web applications, and an Exchange email account or public calendar access as appropriate. If this is urgent, please notify the ITR Help Desk as soon as the accounts have been picked up.
  4. If the new employee needs access to a generic email account (such as, the owner of the account will have to give the password to the new employee. Once they have the password, ITR can assist with setting the account up in Outlook or mobile devices.
  5. Full-time staff are given Microsoft Exchange accounts by default. Supervisors can request new business application accounts (Hyperion, Banner, WebFinance, etc.).
  6. Full-time faculty members may request to transfer their Cabrini email to a Microsoft Exchange account if they prefer.
  7. Part-time employees and non-employee associates are not given Exchange accounts or access to G drives by default (except for Public Safety and the DRC); please let ITR know if that access is needed.

Change in Employee's Position

The immediate supervisor, employee, data owner, or human resources must promptly notify ITR in writing of any changes in employee job functions that would require a reduction or addition in authorized access. This includes network drive access for temporary student workers.

Any individual who changes from a part-time to a full-time employee is eligible for a Microsoft Exchange email account. Please see the About Email page for more information.

Leaving the College

Please see our Leaving the College Policies page for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick up my Cabrini accounts, including my email account?

Please see our Activating Your First Accounts guide for instructions.

Do I use the same User ID and password for all Cabrini systems?

Please see our Password Help page for instructions.

What if I do not have a computer or I am a commuter?

If you do not have a computer and live on or off campus you are still required to have a Cabrini domain and email account. Computer access for receiving your accounts and checking your email is available on-campus in the computer labs, in the numerous classrooms across campus that are equipped with computers and in the Holy Spirit Library.