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Classroom Technology Policies

Responsibilities When Using the Labs

Computer classrooms are used by many departments and are open to all students when classes or meetings are not in progress. To maintain the integrity of the computing labs and the security of the network, procedures are standardized as follows:

  • Conduct and conversation should be maintained at a level appropriate to a study environment so as not to interfere with the work of others.
  • No food, drink or games are allowed in the computer public access areas, labs, or classrooms.
  • Users log on to all Cabrini computers using their Cabrini domain username and password. Generic domain accounts and local accounts are not permitted.
  • Rather than saving files to the local hard drive (C drive), users should save to their network storage area. It is easily accessible from any computer and backed up regularly by ITR.
  • Any classroom or lab computer may be "refreshed" (wiped clean) at any time by ITR staff doing routine (sometimes remote) maintenance, which erases all saved files.
  • Proper logout procedures must be followed at the close of each class. Any Cabrini community member is responsible for activity under his or her log-in, including printing charges. The instructor should be sure all computers are logged off before leaving the classroom, and remove all personal belongings and trash.

Room Reservations

Except for the main floor lab in the Holy Spirit Library, all technology-equipped classrooms at Cabrini are reserved initially through the Registrar's Office. Processing of requests for classroom space begins months in advance of scheduled classes.

Non-course requests for use of classrooms and other venues should be addressed to Events Scheduling (

Software Requests

For information about software requests for classrooms, please see the Software Requests page.

Use of Classroom Technology

All Cabrini College classrooms in Founder's Hall and the Iadarola Center have LCD ceiling-mounted projectors and DVD players (usually through a podium desktop).

Instructions for the use of the equipment in each classroom are posted in the room at the podium and are also on the ITR Classroom Technology page. Please read the instructions. If you have questions regarding operating any of the equipment, contact the ITR Help Desk.

All community members are expected to leave classrooms in the same condition they have found it. Do not disconnect, dismount or rearrange any of the classroom’s technology. For questions or problems with the equipment arrangements, do not change them; notify ITR. Make sure everything - except the PC - is turned off before leaving the room. Projector lamps are very expensive and have finite life spans.

Please contact ITR regarding equipment failures.