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SSL Heartbleed Flaw

Following the Monday announcement of the SSL Heartbleed flaw (and subsequent release of patches), and after careful checking, we have found that none of the core ITR systems for sign-ins were affected. However, non-ITR systems might be affected; we are working on identifying and contacting the owners.

Additionally, ITR has proactively replaced many security certificates. If you are in any doubt about the security of Web sites you use and wish to change your sign-in credentials, know that you might need to change them again in a few days once those outside sites confirm that they have been secured. In the meantime, it might be best to hold off on visiting those sites.

More information about Heartbleed can be found on PCWorld's Web site. More advice for protecting yourself from the flaw and creating strong passwords can be found on LATimes' Web site.

Windows XP End of Life

Microsoft has announced that support for Windows XP, first released in 2001, has been discontinued. Microsoft will no longer provide security patches or other updates for this obsolete operating system. Accordingly, it is imperative that academic and administrative departments make plans to upgrade remaining Windows XP computers since they present an inviting target for cyber criminals. Once Microsoft ceases support, computers running Windows XP will be defenseless against new security threats and compromises.

To protect sensitive personal information that Cabrini stores and to protect the College from being used as a platform to launch attacks against others, it may be required that any computers still running Windows XP be removed from Cabrini network access and be unable to use Cabrini resources or the Internet after April 2014.

ITR has contacted departments with details regarding the computers that will need to be upgraded or removed from the network; departments must replace old, un-upgradable computers.

For more information, you can review an article from a trusted IT review publication illustrating the seriousness of delaying action, or you can contact ITR via .