Cabrini College Communication Department
Professional Development Program COM 103, 203, 303, 403
Fall and Spring

Who must take Prof Dev?
All Communication majors must take Professional Development each semester you are full time. See Exceptions.

When must you take Prof Dev?
Every semester you are a full-time major. See Exceptions.

Professional Development is waived for you for any semester:
- you were part-time.
- you were enrolled through Graduate and Professional Studies.
- you were not enrolled as a major in the department.
- you were not attending Cabrini or not a major.
- you were studying abroad.

Note: You do not have to make up Professional Development for those semesters. It is waived.

Requirements for 1/2 credit each semester:
1. You must have at least one extensive advising session with your adviser each semester. (one third of your grade)
2. You must hand in two Professional Development Reports to your adviser each semester through WebCT. (one third of your grade)
3. You must attend  scheduled Career Development Lectures and meetings each semester. (one third of your grade)

Failure: Failure will affect your standing in the major and may prevent you from receiving department honors at graduation. Failing grades may not be made up by repeating the course.

- Each semester, two to four speakers or events are scheduled.
- Speakers are meant to broaden everyone's professional knowledge.
- Speakers are here to inform, not entertain.
- The purpose of the speakers is not specifically to speak about a particular type of job but to give you a broad professional understanding.
- For each speaker, you are given a form on which you write your insight about the field. The form is graded according to the care with which you listened.

Each semester one or more meetings are scheduled for your particular class to assist you in your growth toward your future career. The meetings are geared to the particular actions you should be taking that year to be best prepared.

You must upload all assignments to BBVista. Late assignments will be incrementally marked down to a lower grade.

Attendance at speakers and meetings is mandatory.

You will be considered absent if you:
- Fail to report your absence to your adviser and department chairman before the start of meetings.
- Show up late for meetings.
- Act unprofessionally.

Pre-approved Make-ups
From time to time, exceptional circumstances such as illness, student teaching, etc. may prevent you from attending a speaker or meeting. The department tries to record the speakers and meetings. You must be pre-approved by your adviser or department chairman to miss the speaker or meeting. Then you need to go to the reserve shelf of the library and view the video there. A two-page summary of the video must be turned in to your adviser and chairman within two weeks or the last day of the semester, whichever is sooner.

- Turn off all electronic devices that cause disruption (ie, cell phones).
- Treat speakers with professional courtesy.
- The Cabrini College Academic Honesty Policy applies to Professional Development work.

- To assist you in developing and growing your professional life.
- To help you choose the best career path during college.