Social Justice Resources

Social Justice specific databases

CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher provides in depth coverage of current events and issues. Original reports are searchable or browsable by topic or date. Other features include an issue tracker; this provides links to a series of reports on a single topic, including reports from the CQR Archive that date back to the early 1900s. The pro/con feature provides opinions from two experts on a given issue and displays them side-by-side for easy comparison.

Education for Justice - Catholic Social Teaching

Education for Justice offers resources on Catholic Social Teaching including lesson plans, fact sheets, discussion guides, and reflections on current events. Education for Social Justice offers both print and multimedia resources.


The information presented in GreenFILE focuses on the relationship between human beings and the environment. This is well-researched information, but it is still accessible to non-science researchers. This database can be searched in conjunction with Academic Search Premier by clicking "Choose Databases."

Peace Research Abstracts

The index contains more than 224,000 records, which are carefully selected from the most important sources within the discipline, such as: Journal of Peace Research, Journal of Conflict Resolution, International Journal of Refugee Law, etc.

ProQuest Religion

ProQuest Religion carries journals relating to Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism, as well as religious history and related archaeology. Many of the articles are available in full text. ProQuest Religion can be searched with any other ProQuest database.

ProQuest Social Science Journals

ProQuest Social Science Journals cover hundreds of titles that fall into the social sciences, many of them in full text. The topics covered include addiction services, urban studies, international relations, demography and more. ProQuest Social Science Journals can be searched with any other ProQuest database.

Social Justice reference ebooks

Congress and the Nation

This database allows you to search or browse by topic the eleven volumes of Congress and the Nation. Congressional decisions, trends and documents dating back to 1945 are included and explained.

Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy

Examines the philosophical and ethical issues underlying contemporary and historical environmental issues, policies, and debates. Covers concepts, institutions, topics, events and people, including global warming, animal rights, environmental movements, alternative energy, green chemistry, industrial ecology, and eco-sabotage.

Encyclopedia of Gender and Society

Encyclopedia of Gender and Society covers the major theories, research, people, and issues in contemporary gender studies. This comprehensive, two-volume encyclopedia is distinguished by a cross-national/cross-cultural perspective that provides comparative analyses of the life experiences of men and women around the world.

Human Trafficking

Provides an examination of this controversial topic and describes the suffering caused by human trafficking as well as the financial, cultural, and other conditions that make trafficking within national borders possible.

General/related databases

Academic Search Complete

This multidisciplinary database is a good place to start your research. For extra search capabilities, click "Choose Databases" and select more subject specific databases to simultaneously search.

ProQuest Research Library

ProQuest Research Library provides citations and/or full-text access to 3,000+ scholarly journals and magazines in a wide range of subject areas. In addition to general interest publications, the database covers the Arts, Business, Children, Education, Health, Humanities, Law, Military, International and Multicultural interests, Psychology, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Women's Interests.


Use WorldCat to find books about a research topic that are not available at Holy Spirit Library. Search by title or author if you are looking for something specific, or search by keyword or subject to find something new. Click "Borrow this item from another library" to request a book from another library.

Social Justice websites

Consumer Action

Consumer Action promotes financial literacy and consumer protection. Their website provides archives of their publications in full text. Their publications cover everything from tips for building financial stability to coverage of financial matters in Congress.

RHIN: Refugee Health Information Network

The Refugee Health Information Network offers three main areas of information: Health Information in Multiple Languages, Refugee Health Information for Providers, and Information about Health Services for Refugees. News relating to refugee populations and links to other free resources are also provided.

Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance, founded in 1991 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is dedicated to reducing prejudices, racial and otherwise, in schools. Free educational materials, appropriate for a variety of age groups, are available on their website.

World Food Situation

This website, from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, looks at different issues regarding food levels and availability around the world such as: illegal fishing, climate change, food security, the rice market and more.