Science Resources

Science specific databases


The information presented in GreenFILE focuses on the relationship between human beings and the environment. This is well-researched information, but it is still accessible to non-science researchers. This database can be searched in conjunction with Academic Search Premier by clicking "Choose Databases."


Health Source provides mainly full text access to the leading scholarly journals focusing on the medical disciplines. The Lexi-PAL Drug Guide is also included and provides patient education sheets for generic and brand name medications. This database can be searched in conjunction with Academic Search Premier and other databases by clicking "Choose Databases."

Pharmaceutical News Index

Pharmaceutical News Index covers information surrounding medical technology, research, and legislative developments, both in the United States and internationally. Pharmaceutical News Index can be searched with any other ProQuest database.

ProQuest Biology Journals

ProQuest Biology Journals is a largely full-text database. It covers a wide range of topics within the subject of biology ranging from biological chemistry to zoology. ProQuest Biology Journals can be searched with any other ProQuest database.

ProQuest Family Health

This database, which is entirely available in full text, offers information covering a variety of aspects of family health. Some topics include nutrition, sports medicine, dentistry, and midwifery. ProQuest Family Health can be searched with any other ProQuest database.

ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source

ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source is meant to be used in both academic and healthcare settings. Much of the information is available in full text, and it ranges from general to very specialized information. Topics include nursing, nutrition, radiology, public health and more. ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source can be searched with any other ProQuest database.

ProQuest Science Journals

ProQuest Science Journals is a comprehensive database for students of the applied and general sciences. Citations and abstracts are available for over 1,000 titles, many also include links to full text articles including photos and graphics. The major fields of study present in this database include physics, engineering, astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science and more. ProQuest Science Journals can be searched with any other ProQuest database.


PubMed provides access to citations from biomedical literature, many with links to full text documents. MEDLINE, the premier bibliographic database for the life sciences, is accessible through PubMed and dates back to 1950. Use the Journals Database to search for journal articles by subject relating to the biomedical field and other life sciences, or use the drop down menu on the first page to search proteins, genomes, cancer chromosomes and more.

Science reference ebooks

Climate Systems: Interactive Forces of Global Warming

Provides the basic scientific framework needed to understand how climate systems work and what global warming involves. Outlines the concept of global systems, climate cycles, and the atmosphere's structure and discusses the local motions in the atmosphere that affect weather and climate.

Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy

Examines the philosophical and ethical issues underlying contemporary and historical environmental issues, policies, and debates. Covers concepts, institutions, topics, events and people, including global warming, animal rights, environmental movements, alternative energy, green chemistry, industrial ecology, and eco-sabotage.

General/related databases

Academic Search Complete

This multidisciplinary database is a good place to start your research. For extra search capabilities, click "Choose Databases" and select more subject specific databases to simultaneously search.

ProQuest Research Library

ProQuest Research Library provides citations and/or full-text access to 3,000+ scholarly journals and magazines in a wide range of subject areas. In addition to general interest publications, the database covers the Arts, Business, Children, Education, Health, Humanities, Law, Military, International and Multicultural interests, Psychology, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Women's Interests.


Use WorldCat to find books about a research topic that are not available at Holy Spirit Library. Search by title or author if you are looking for something specific, or search by keyword or subject to find something new. Click "Borrow this item from another library" to request a book from another library.

Science websites

The Conus Biodiversity Website

A shared project of the National Science Foundation and the Burke Museum of National History and Culture at the University of Washington, this website provides a catalog of links to databases, museums and literature related to the genus Conus. Species accounts, a type gallery and videos are also provided.

Encyclopedia of Life

The Encyclopedia of Life aims to provide information about all of the 1.8 million species currently known to science. This database of information is searchable by names (common and scientific), tags, and keyword.

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact provides bibliographic information for resources on climate change and other human impact on the planet such as pollution, deforestation and habitat loss. The database is searchable and browsable, and bibliographic information is available for each entry. Without a subscription, full-text access is not.

Freshwater Ecoregions of the World

Put together by The Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund, this website provides information about each of the world’s freshwater ecosystems. An interactive map makes pinpointing individual ecoregions possible without their official names; other search options are also available.

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation promotes the progress of science in this country, often by providing the much needed funding for research. Their website includes information about the kinds and amounts of funding available, awards, news from institutions receiving money from the NSF, publications (many of which are available in full text) and a limited glossary., part of Nature Publishing Group, provides links to a lot of different resources including NatureNews, NatureJobs, summaries of recent research, conference notes and more.

Nature Online Video Streaming Archive

Part of the official website of the journal Nature, this video archive contains high-quality clips based on articles in Nature. Unfortunately, the videos are only organized by the date added and not by subject. Videos require the Macromedia Flash plug-in, which should already be installed on library computers.

The Periodic Table of the Elements

This interactive Periodic Table, brought to you by Theodore Gray of Popular Science, gives brief information about each element as well as pictures, when available. Additional information, such as atomic weight, melting point and decay chain images, is available by selecting an individual element. allows you to search over 40 databases at the same time for science information from the US government. Science websites are also browsable by topic.